Technical Diving International (TDI) Releases Educational Program for the KISS CCR

Once again TDI is on the cutting edge of the Technical market. New educational program and materials are now available for the Classic KISS Rebreather and the Sport KISS Rebreather.  

The following items are ready for shipment today, KISS CCR Rebreather Student Manual #110022, KISS CCR Rebreather Instructor Guide #120022 and KISS CCR Rebreather PowerPoint #130022.

The materials were developed by a group of instructors dedicated to the growth of the CCR market and with the support of Jetsam Technologies, the manufacture of the units.

The teaching material mirrors Jetsam philosophy for their rebreathers “An optimum combination of simplicity, sophistication and reliability in a compact, package at a price that can be described as good value for the money”.

Sean Harrison, Vice President of Training and Membership Services stated, “This is just the first of many programs to be launched in support of the ever growing CCR Market.”

“It was a pleasure to have worked with TDI on the KISS Rebreather project and we look forward to future projects”, stated Kim Smith, from Jetsam Technologies

To order the KISS Rebreather material or to locate an Instructor in your area contact International Training 207-729-4201 (toll free 888-778-9073 in North America and the Caribbean) or email [email protected].

If you would like to learn how you become an Instructor on the KISS unit contact TDI Training Department at 207-729-4201 (toll free 888-778-9073 in North America and the Caribbean) or email [email protected].

For more information on International Training (SDI/TDI/ERDI), visit:

For more information on Jetsam or KISS Rebreather, visit:

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