Tete a Tete for Nery and Hibbs

Excitement and curiosity culminate in Kalamata for New Zealander Kerian Hibbs and Frenchman Guillaume Nery.  In the 3rd Mediterrenean Freediving World Cup Competition the two freedivers have reached the same depth in a CNF (Constant Weight No Fins) dive to 70 metres.

According to Hibb’s report on Facebook, the results are:

70m CNF – White Card all round.
Guillaume – Dive time 2mins 53 sec
Kerian – Dive time 2mins 23 sec

Updates on this decision have not been received yet.

Final results from today’s event are awaited, while reports from enthusiasts on the ground say that Danish freediver Jakob Hansen has won a new National Record with a 74 metres Free Immersion dive.  An official list of all the results is awaited.


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