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The 5th Manazuru Constant Ballast Contest

The Tokyo Freediving Club (TFC) held the 5th Manazuru Constant Ballast
Contest and National Record Attempts on October 16th, 2004 at Manazuru,
Kanagawa, Japan. 

The annual contest was opened to anyone who interested in freediving, and encouraged the emergence of new talents by offering unique, original awards.  The contest provided a safety support with experienced TFC members. National Team competitors and Japan Apnea Championships staff served as surface and scuba securities. 

National Record attempts were also held during the contest, the first such organized by the TFC.

Weather was cloudy with no sunshine. Visibilitywas 3-5m at surface and total darkness -45m. Air temperature was 17C, water temperature 18C at surface and 23C at -45m, unseasonably low due to several recent typhoons. There was a modest swell.

For the morning session, we set up 3 National Record Attempts :Free Immersion (FI) for Men and Women and Constant Weight without Fins (CNF) for Men.  Both Men’s records were the first trial in Japan.  Record recognition is now pending by AIDA Japan.  For the afternoon session, we had the constant contest with participation of  6 TFC members and 8 new comers.

Most of the new comers had their first experience diving with line and with the security system.  They said with a big smile, "It was the first experience in such a safety environment. It made me comfortable". The contest was successfully finished with 3 traditional awards and 4 unique awards this year.    

The Tokyo Freediving Club was founded by Kaz Ichikawa, Naoya Ozawa and friends after Red Sea Dive Off 1999. Our dive site is at the Manazuru Peninsula, which is a 2-hour drive from Tokyo. The sea location is in a sheltered bay with a water depth between 50 to 100 meters. Best training times are from April to October.