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The Deepest Man on Earth

This is not a new series from David Attenborough. It is about Austrian freediver and multiple world record holder Herbert Nitsch who has begun an incredible journey. He was given the prestigious title of The Deepest Man on Earth, when he set the current world record for free-diving at an incredible depth of 214 metres in 2007.  He now plans to dive to 800 feet on one breath, namely a No-Limits dive, which is a feat that no man has ever accomplished or attempted.

Nitsch is about to break the human barrier of depth once again. He is currently in Santorini, preparing for his attempt titled Extreme 800, and his blog posts announce that this will now take place on Wednesday 6th June.

According to Nitsch’s blog, his technique involves emptying his lungs into an Equex bottle at a depth of 16 meters before heading for the deep dive. This means that he is actually diving on empty lungs which is very different from the traditional breathholding technique on full lungs.

Along with Nitsch on this dive goes the freediving specific Liquivision Xen dive computer, designed around the proven scuba diving Xen, but with custom software for freedivers.  The Freediving Xen is the world’s first dive computer to incorporate detailed decompression calculations for freediving. According to a press release from Liquivision, the Xen decompression algorithm was developed by former world record holder Eric Fattah (current North American constant weight record holder at 104m).

The Xen decompression algorithm took 12 years to develop and incorporates both the results of extensive self-experimentation as well as extensive DCS history from other top freedivers in the world. The Xen also includes three levels of conservatism, to allow for different decompression requirements based on individual preference and susceptibility to DCS.

Usually these freediving records are ratified by AIDA International, however due to certain circumstances Nitsch has decided not to use them to sanction the event. A statement from AIDA says that it intends to review this case to determine if a number of  procedures and related items may be improved upon going forward.

While Nitsch trains throughout the day and prepares for this ultimate dive, will be standing by to keep readers updated on the results.


Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise is the former News Editor for She is based in Dubai.