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The Freedive Show — Diary — 29th

Thursday 29th May 2003 – 10:00am

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Everyone woke up early anticipating the big day. Martin and Herbert were going for a new world record in Constant Ballast by diving to 93m. It all looked a bit gloomy outside and when everyone got the pontoon to board the boats the wind was starting to blow up and in completely the wrong direction.

Everyone transferred to the barge and Martin and Herbert started their prepartions. Herbert was the first to go on Line A and he completed his breathe up and disappeared into the choppy seas. A few minutes later he emerged and proceeded to Black Out with blood in his mask.

Speaking to him afterwards it appeared that he had had equalisation problems on the way down and blew out his right ear drum. This caused him pain and disorientation on the ascent. His breathe up was difficult for him due to the weather and all this contributed to his black-out.

Martin was already on Line B by this point and doing his breathe up. Seemingly unaware of what was going on a few metres from him he started his dive. When he surfaced we could see he had the tag but he took his time breathing carefully whilst facing Kirk. When he turned round to face the judges he was clearly in control and all that was needed was the judges decision. 4 white cards were shown to him and Martin let out a cheer along with his team. This was all short lived as the next divers were already moving into position and starting their breathe up.

We’re waiting for the official details of the dive but we can tell you that there is a new Mens Constant Ballast World Record Holder – Martin Stepanek at 93m!

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