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Top 5 Waterproof Phone Cases of 2016

For years, divers would leave their mobile phones at home or in their hotel rooms for fear that they would get damaged, lost or broken on a dive boat. However, that seems to be a thing of the past and with the amazing built-in cameras available today, why wouldn’t you want to take your phone with you on a dive trip? The safest way to prevent any water, dust or salt damage is to purchase one of the many waterproof cases available. These waterproof cases are extremely safe and allow divers to use their phones under the water, down to great depths. If you do not already have a waterproof phone case, then maybe it is time to consider investing in one.

There are so many different kinds of smartphones and android phones available however; here is a small selection of waterproof cases, which accommodate the latest phone release, in our Top 5 Waterproof Phone Cases of 2016.

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Optrix Body Glove Kit

If you have an iPhone 6/6s, then this is the perfect waterproof housing for you. The Optrex Body Glove Kit is extremely rugged and can turn a regular phone into a 100% waterproof adventure camera. The camera on an Iphone6/6s is world renowned, so why not take advantage of this, and capture phenomenal moments under the surface? This case is mountable (mountable pieces sold separately) and has 2 interchangeable lenses, which comes as part of the Optrix by Body Glove Standard Kit. The Optrix has been drop tested and survived up to 20 feet (6m). In addition, this case has been tested underwater and verified up to 33feet (10m), which makes it the perfect solution for shallow divers and snorkelers. This case comes with two interchangeable lenses, one ‘Wide-Angle 165? Lens’ which is great for capturing colour and larger/screen filling objects. Additionally, this lens can expand the iPhone 6/6s camera by up to 35%, which means that you can capture more within the frame. This wider frame is perfect for underwater selfies, surrounded by fish. The second lens is the ‘Normal 0? Lens’ which does not change the field of view of the iPhone. This lens is great for general use as well as being underwater.

Price: $91.13 – BUY NOW: Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk

Optrix PhotoProX Waterproof Case

The Optrix PhotoProX is the world’s first waterproof case for an Iphone5/5s with 4 interchangeable lenses. Similar to that of its brother mentioned above, this case provides a whole lot more, but has a price tag to show for it. The price of a phone can be more than a laptop nowadays, so why wouldn’t you want to invest in a trustworthy waterproof case that will protect it? This waterproof phone case includes an iPhone sled, macro lens, telephoto lens, fish eye lens, flat lens, O-ring, padded lens case, wrist strap and lens cloth. This incredible case also allows you to change these lenses freely, without any individual tools and whilst keeping it’s waterproof rating. The Optrix is waterproof up to 33 feet (10m) and has an IPX8 water immersion rating. It was built to withstand high levels of impact. This is the perfect all-rounder and is great for taking out on a dive boat, knowing that it will come back unscathed.

Price: $108.04 – BUY NOW: Amazon.com

Joto Phone Universal Dry Bag

If you are just not ready to take your phone under the water and the whole idea just doesn’t sit right with you, however you would like to take it on the boat and capture those precious moments making friends with your group, whilst ensuring that your phone remains safe from dust, water and other issues, then the Joto Phone Universal Dry Bag is the solution. This dry bag is one size to fit all types of smartphones up to 6 inches diagonally. If you have a hard case on the back of your phone, you may need to remove this when placing your phone into the Joto. The Joto Dry Bag is great for keeping your phone, credit cards, money and room keys in, when on vacation. Even if you decide not to go diving one day and want to spend sometime on the beach, this bag will prevent any sand from entering your phone. With its clear windows on both sides, this provides all you need to take pictures, videos and even check your emails without opening the waterproof seal.

The Joto is also 100 feet (30m) IPX8 certified waterproof, which means that you can take your phone under the water if you feel that way inclined, whilst maintaining a fully functional touch screen. This cool Dry Bag comes in a range of colours to suit you.

Price: $8.99 – BUY NOW: Amazon.com

Watershot Underwater Housing

This neat underwater housing is compatible with the iPhone5/5S and has been designed for the most extreme of underwater adventures. With a depth rating of 120 feet (40m) this is a great case to take your phone scuba diving with you. There is nothing worse then not being able to capture an amazing moment whilst underwater and that can be rectified with this cool case. A free custom app has been created to use with this underwater case, so that you can capture both stills and video whilst at extreme depths, this is available from the app store and iTunes. This case has a lens bezel, which can be used for external filters and lenses. Finally, this case comes with an integrated mounting system that can be used with the most popular mounting systems. This is a great waterproof phone case to capture the best of moments and gives you the ability to upload them directly from your phone to your social media accounts.

Price: $99.99 – BUY NOW: Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk

iGills 5X

If you are looking for a top of the range waterproof casing for your iPhone 5/5S/5C, then the iGills 5X is the phone case for you. Not only does this case allow you to take unbelievable videos and stills underwater, but it also is the first of its kind to provide a fully functional dive computer on your phone. All you need to do is download the free app from the app store or iTunes and there is no need to buy a dive computer. The iGills 5X can be used as a fully featured recreational dive computer compatible with air, nitrox and gauge modes. It has an automatic dive log generator, which can generate dive locations, profiles and even photo albums with the click of a button. The app can also provide a digital compass, making sure that you never get lost.

The 5X has precision depth and temperature sensors, which connect wirelessly with the iPhone. The case itself is easy to use with only a 6-button interface. With its smooth and sleek exterior, it is extremely rugged and durable made from poly-carbonate and stainless steel. It has a depth rate of 200 feet (60m). If you are looking for one of the best waterproof phone cases, then this is the case for you.

Price: $299.99 – BUY NOW: Amazon.com

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