Thursday, November 26, 2020

Trevor Hutton’s African Deep


Trevor Hutton is no stranger to free- diving in Africa. He competed as an international free-diver for 6 years, during that time accomplishing two world records.

In 2001, he set a world record in free immersion in Lake Guinas, and a 2001 world record no- fins at Eilat, Israel.  Trevor was the captain of the first SA team to world championships, was an AIDA Judge, and holds multiple SA and African records, but on May 31st, he arguably achieved what for him, was the pinnacle of his career.

He retrieved the tag off the base-plate for a constant weight depth of 70 meters under 2 AIDA judges off the South Coast of Kwazulu Natal, setting the mark for the deepest official free dive in South African waters. The dive saw Trevor battling a swell at entry, rain, currents, viz issues, and the ever present chance of a meeting with sharks, which was the very reason Trevor was there.

Trevor Hutton's African Deep 1

Trevor’s dive time was 2 minutes 18 seconds, and he described the dive as relaxed and easy, with his team celebrating as he broke the surface after what had been a difficult build up in tough open ocean conditions.

Trevor has teamed up with the ‘Shark Warrior’, activist Lesley Rochat, in a unique shark awareness campaign named ‘Deep Freedive for Sharks’, and in a further twist to a remarkable morning, he proposed to Lesley shortly after being given the all clear by the AIDA judges. Lesley accepted, saying “How could I refuse a man who went to such depths under such pressure to propose to me”.

This high profile campaign centres on Trevor breaking a series of national free-diving records in South African waters, the first of which wrapped up today. The dives will take place in the often-bloody waters of the shark slaughter carried out by both legal and illegal fishers, an area known as the pelagic zone, situated 20 miles off the South African coast.  The campaign, which consists of three components, the freediving events, a supporting book project and a documentary, are linked to a shark protection lobbying initiative that Lesley Rochats AfriOceans Conservation Alliance is driving.

Trevor Hutton's African Deep 2

It is called WANTED! DEAD or ALIVE? It aims to raise awareness about all the issues threatening our shark populations and raise international support to gain full protection for a number of charismatic shark species of high eco-tourist value, which currently have no protection. These include the tiger shark, cowshark and bullshark. Keep in touch with the campaign on Deep Freedive for Sharks.


  1. Trevor
    Hutton: After careful consultation with all the leaders in my team, skippers,
    deep support, surface support, judges, I have decided not to attempt any deeper
    dives on this trip. We are very satisfied that the main objectives of this
    campaign have been achieved. I had initially hoped to challenge the South
    African Constant weight record, but after my second training dive in these
    waters it became very clear that this was not possible. We thus adjusted our
    goals and I set my sights on improving on the deepest depth ever dived in
    official competition in South African waters. I accomplished that on Thursday
    with a 70m dive which was 10m deeper than the previous mark. I would like to
    thank every single person that has supported Lesley and me in the Deep Freedive
    for Sharks campaign.
     I would also like for my own sense of sportsmanship to note that there
    has been some journalistic error in media coverage as well as over-eagerness
    from some of my friends and colleagues, who do not understand the ins and outs
    of freediving. I did not break a national record on any of the dives I have
    done on this trip. I did manage to extend the deepest dive ever achieved in
    South African waters, but the deepest dive ever recorded by a South African
    still belongs to Bevan Dewar, who managed an 85m Constant Weight dive at the
    Blue Hole in Dahab, Egypt.
     I will now be putting my monofin and diving kit aside to make time for
    campaign work, there are schools to visit, filming to do, and still work to do
    with The Sharks rugby team who are lending their support to help us reach
    millions more people. 

  2. Hi Guys, my apologies for this section~ “This high profile campaign centres on Trevor breaking a series of
    national free-diving records in South African waters, the first of
    which wrapped up today.” I meant the first dive of the campaign wrapped up, so if I gave the impression that it was a record I apologies. I did say in the opening paragraph that it was the deepest dive in SA waters.  Non the less, an awesome achievement.


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