Thursday, October 1, 2020

Trubridge Warms-Up with a 12th World Record


Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas — As previously reported on DeeperBlue, champion freediver William Trubridge has set his sights on a truly epic feat, to succesfully complete an unassisted freedive to one Hectometer.

Trubridge has announced via facebook that he will attempt this unparalleled dive to 100m on Sunday, December 12th.

Performing a systems check and warm-up dive this past Friday, December 10th, Trubridge achieved his twelfth world record with a constant no fins dive to 96 meters. Citing poor visibility (and a couple of technical glitches that will need to be addressed prior to Sunday,) Will’s record freedive to 96m CNF lasted 4 minutes and :02 seconds.

Everyone is holding their breath to see what Sunday will bring.

Trubridge 96m

Photo courtesy of Igor Liberti.

Trubridge Warms-Up with a 12th World Record 3
Francesca Koe
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