Truli Wetsuits Fit The Female Form

Truli Wetsuits Fit The Female Form

There’s a new wetsuit company on the market that caters exclusively to women.

Truli Wetsuits has committed itself to meeting the needs of female scuba divers. While working in the dive industry, company CEO Mia Toose studied the women’s scuba diving market and began product development and testing of a wetsuit of her own.

The result of all that testing was the “Truli-Mi” signature design that is high performance, warm, comfortable, and stylish.

The Truli-Mi sleeveless shorty wetsuit sports a thickness of 3.5mm and is lined with fleece for core warmth. It zips up the front and has no velcro to catch hair, scratch skin or ruin one’s bathing suit. The wetsuit is made of flexible Ultraspan neoprene, and “Glide Skin” covers the chest and back, allowing the suit to maintain warmth during surface intervals and boat transits.

The Truli-Mi‘s manufacturer used natural rubber to produce the neoprene, not the chemically created rubber from petroleum that a lot of other companies use.

But it’s not just for scuba diving — female water sport enthusiasts who snorkel, freedive, kiteboard, wakeboard, and Stand Up Paddleboard also can use the Truli-Mi.

Available in three different color combinations, the Truli-Mi retails for CAN$299.00/US$174.86/157 Euros.

For more info, check out the video below or go to the Truli Wetsuits website.

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  • Wooow so proud of you! I know her for a looong time! To me she's always been genuine, realistic and kind. Sort of hard-to-find personality, especially after we grew up to a certain degree. Her business must be an extension of such quality and her customers will greatly benefit through experiencing her service/products for sure.