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TUSA Adds New Colors To Solar Link Dive Computer Line

The folks at TUSA were showcasing the new colors for the IQ 1204 DC Solar Link dive computer at this year’s DEMA Show in Las Vegas. caught up with David Jensen, TUSA’s southwest regional sales manager, to find out more and also see what else is new.

The Solar Link dive computer’s frame is a G-Shock made by Casio. With about four versions on the Japanese market, TUSA is excited about this gem and has even added two new colors, bringing the color schemes to “All BLK,” “BLK-PURP,” “WHT-BLU” and “WHT-GLD.”

The Solar Link is rugged and and environmentally friendly, Nitrox-compatible and a freediving watch as well. So lets go through the rest of the details and see if this computer is a good fit for us.

The Solar Link stores up to 30 dives at a time but with TUSA‘s clean, easy-to-use app, logging the dives should be fun again. The Solar Link is Bluetooth-enabled during the transfer of its data to your TUSA dive log app on your smartphone or tablet.

The profile of the computer is easy to use and more importantly, easy to see in daylight.

I asked David to explain the solar part of the dive computer to me and with confidence and a twist of his wrist he showed me his Solar Link as our discussion continued.

“The battery takes about eight hours to charge but out-of-the-box you could get a couple dives in.”

I was trying to pry about the battery life but the battery doesn’t really function in a traditional 100-percent-to-0-percent lifespan. David continued:

“It looks like any other G-Shock watch on the market and just wearing it around keeps it charged. If the Watch is no longer getting charged, lets say it’s being stored in a dive bag, it will go into sleep mode and preserve the battery power.”

The Solar Link tells you the battery life in three modes: high, medium and low.

So if I were in the market for a dive watch I would look at functionality, reliability and whether it encompasses my diving styles. What I see from the Solar Link is a dive watch that has been on the market for a few years and has the rugged backing of Casio’s G-Shock. A dive computer where I don’t have to worry about the charge or changing and disposing of the battery. And finally a dive watch that I can utilize when I’m freediving in sunny San Diego.

The Solar Link retails for US$850/803 Euros. For more info, check out the TUSA website at

— By Mike Sasso DEMA Team DEMA Team
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