TUSA’s DC Solar Link Dive Computers Can Now Integrate With Deepblu Connect

TUSA's DC Solar Link Dive Computers Can Now Integrate With Deepblu Connect

If you use TUSA’s DC Solar Link dive computer, you’ll now be able to joint DeepBlu’s online community.

DeepBlu announced this week that TUSA’s DC Solar Link dive computers now support Deepblu Connect, a feature that enables the Deepblu app to wirelessly interface directly with the DC Solar Link via Bluetooth.

Kenichiro Tabata, President of Tabata Co., said:

“We are excited to support Deepblu Connect. Joining the Elite Fleet is another step in TUSA’s efforts to bring the generations of divers from around the world together, and share their experiences captured with TUSA dive computers.”

The TUSA DC Solar Link will now allow divers to seamlessly upload their dive logs to the Deepblu app with the tap of a button.

Not only is the Deepblu app a digital dive log, it also allows divers to get their logs verified and share interesting stories with the world around them. In addition to being a useful dive tool, it’s a place for divers to come together. Launching new features, groups, and partnerships nearly every month, the platform has grown into a vibrant online scuba community in a short time.

James Tsuei, CEO of Deepblu, said:

“TUSA is known for their meticulous standards and their partnership is a valuable testament to what we’re doing at Deepblu. We expect more leading scuba brands to join the elite fleet in the near future.”

Learn more about DeepBlu Connect here and the TUSA DC Solar Link here.