Shipwreck diver Rod MacDonald will have a pair of books published later on this month about his experiences diving the most famous wrecks from World War I off the U.K. and World War II in the Pacific.

Rod MacDonald’s ‘Deeper Into Darkness’

In “Deeper Into The Darkness,” MacDonald takes the reader diving to explore famous wrecks around the U.K. from the Great War. These include HMS Pathfinder and HMS Audacious; the wreck of HMS Hampshire on which Lord Kitchener perished is visited along with HMS Vanguard, which blew up at anchor in 1917 in Scapa Flow.

MacDonald then leaps forward in time to the Pacific during World War II and visits the American shipwrecks from the Battle of Guadalcanal, along with daring penetrations into the Japanese wrecks at the bottom of the Truk and Palau Lagoons. He then recounts the latest developments in shipwreck exploration taking place at Scapa Flow.

Rod MacDonald’s ‘Into The Abyss’

In “Into The Abyss,” MacDonald’s publishers have reissued the book as the first of a trilogy (with “Deeper Into The Darkness” the third book). “Into The Abyss” follows his progression from novice diver in the 1980s through the dangers of the deep air diving era and on to trimix diving in the 1990s. This opened up vast, previously inaccessible, swathes of the seabed, ushering in a great era of discovery of virgin shipwrecks.

MacDonald takes the reader to famous shipwreck sites around the world, including the third-largest whirlpool in the world: the Corryvreckan Whirlpool off the west coast of Scotland. He describes this and many other terrifying incidents in which he and his colleagues have come close to death.

Each book will retail in the U.K. for £19.99/~22.48 Euros. They are also available to order in the USA via NBN Books, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, etc and are both priced at $25.95.

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