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Two years of Performance Freediving

We’ve just received an update from Kirk Krack and the Performance Freediving Team:

For two years, Performance Freediving has been offering the highest quality freediving education while constantly improving our clinics. Our educational focus is on the building of safety and self-rescue skills, technique development, a high level of academic knowledge and training programs to mold a safe, comfortable and well-rounded recreational, spear fishing or competitive freediver.

The members of Performance Freediving have trained over 130 people from around North America and 14 different countries around the world and have received their highest praise and recommendations. We are very proud of all the friends we have worked with and we are always glad to welcome them back for a free refresher.

Since November of 1999, the members of the Performance Freediving Team and your instructors have gone on to refine their techniques which have culminated in them achieving the following world records; Brett LeMaster constant ballast (81meters / 267 feet), Martin Stepanek static apnea (8:06) and free immersion (90 meters / 295 feet) and Mandy Cruickshank no-limits (136 meters / 446 feet) world record holder and the ??deepest women in the world??.

New Clinic Dates Offered

Performance Freediving has updated it??s offering of clinic dates for the Basic Freediver, Advanced Freediver and Performance Freediver programs. A new schedule format now has the clinics running from Saturday ?? Tuesday to better accommodate work schedules and charter boat bookings and this format starts with the April programs. Below are the current dates and for more information on the clinics go to

Basic Freediver

March 15th ?? 16th, 2002 Kona, Hawaii
April 19th ?? 20th, 2002 Long Beach, California
June 1st ?? 2nd, 2002 Monterey, California
July 20th ?? 21st, 2002 Miami, Florida
August 24th ?? 25th, 2002 Kona, Hawaii
September 7th ?? 8th, 2002 Miami, Florida
October 26th ?? 27th, 2002 Long Beach, California
Nov 30th ?? Dec 1st, 2002 Miami, Florida

Advanced Freediver

March 15th ?? 18th, 2002 Kona, Hawaii
April 19th ?? 22nd, 2002 Long Beach, California
June 1st ?? 4th, 2002 Monterey, California
July 20th ?? 23rd, 2002 Miami, Florida
August 24th ?? 27th, 2002 Kona, Hawaii
Sept 7th ?? 10th, 2002 Miami, Florida
October 26th ?? 29th, 2002 Long Beach, California
Nov 30th ?? Dec 3rd, 2002 Miami, Florida

Performance Freediver

July 20th ?? 23rd, 2002 Miami, Florida
August 24th ?? 27th, 2002 Kona, Hawaii

A 50% deposit is required to book into any program to secure a spot and receive your manual and student notes workbook. To register for a clinic go to

Credit Card Bookings- REALLY!!

Performance Freediving is now set up to take credit card bookings through Pay Pal. It??s a simple, easy and a quick way to utilize your credit card and your email to book into any clinic date with a deposit or full payment.

For more information regarding clinic schedules and bookings, please refer to or contact me at or 604-862-5868.”

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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