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U.S. Freediving Team Trials Results

“On Saturday, August 4, 2001 the U.S. Freediving Team – Apnea USA and AIDA USA held the Phase II trials for selection of the 2001 U.S. Team. The waters off Kona, Hawaii on the Big Island of Hawaii were challenging the day of the event with unusual deep water currents running .5 – 1.5 knots. The currents had caused delays in the start of the competition and created some confusion with support operations. However, the challenges created a unique opportunity to allow the divers some first hand experiences not unlike competitions in the past. With motivation still intact, the divers performed well and were able to realize the benefits of the Constant Weight (ballast) Trials.

The following are the official results of the trials:

Name: Scott Campbell
Announced Performance: 50 Meters
Actual Performance: 50 Meters
Points: 50

Name: Tanya Streeter
Announced Performance: 50 Meters
Actual Performance: 25 Meters
Points: 23
Comments: Technical*

Name: Annabel Briseno
Announced Performance: 46 Meters
Actual Performance: 44 Meters
Points: 46
Comments: Technical*

Name: Eliot Light
Announced Performance: 40 Meters
Actual Performance: 50 Meters
Points: 40

Name: Jessica Wilson
Announced Performance: 40 Meters
Actual Performance: 42 Meters
Points: 40

Name: Deron Verbeck
Announced Performance: 38 Meters
Actual Performance: 40 Meters
Points: 38

*Technical problem refers to either a depth tag missing or an obstruction on the descent line. All responsibility for a Technical issue lies with the officiating organization.

Official notice / announcement of U.S. Team members will be released following the selection of a “”Team Coach”” (by August 11, 2001).

Thanks to the following persons and companies that supported the trials:

1) Coral See Adventures – Capt. Earl O’Neil (Vessel Coral See)
2) Divetek – Capt. Keith Keizer, Bob Toulouse, Garry Wilson, Michael Hendershot, Elaine Blank
3) Incom. Inc. – Welders and Fabricators
4) Jack’s Diving Locker – safety divers Wendy and Keller Laros
5) O’Sukis – (lunch for the crew and divers)
6) AIDA USA – Anne Irene Wilcox, Secretary
7) Photographers and videographers – Michael Darden, Maki Sugihara, Cal Hirai, Wendell Ko, Wayne Levin, Carlos Eyles, Margaret Eyles.
8) Safety Divers / Coordinators – Matt Briseno, Bill Graham, Kevin Busscher, J.R. Costa, Paul Streeter, Brett Le Master.
9) Zone Coordinators – Anne Irene Wilcox, Jermey Mikkola
10) Kona Family YMCA – Administration and support staff
11) Mares ( Sporasub ) Corp. – team sponsors and official depth gauge (instrument) suppliers.

And special thanks to the Team candidates: Scott Campbell, Tanya Streeter, Annabel Briseno, Eliot Light, Jessica Wilson, Deron Verbeck, Joe Benjamin, Kevin Bussher, Dianna Applegate, Robert “”Kevin”” Burgess, and Kitty Alexander.”

Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
Cliff is the former Freediving editor of He is now a freelance journalist and film-maker.