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Ultralight Control Systems To Introduce New Digital Products At DEMA Show

Ultralight Control Systems is pleased to announce a new tray and handle are now available for many of the digital housings on the market, especially the Olympus housings. It will also work on the Canon, Minolta, and Sony digital housings. Retail price is just under $70.00.

This new tray takes care of the old problem of the housings rotating on the tray. It is designed so that the feet of the housing rest against a ridge of metal on the back of the tray. A handle is available or a prior handle of Ultralights’ can be used. There is the ability to attach a UK Mini Q-40 spotting light on the top of this new handle. A ball can be added to the handle for Ultralight’s articulating arm for strobe attachment.

Also to be shown at their booth # 556, is the new taller version of the ball adapter for Ikelite’s quick release handle. This will allow the photographer to use Ikelite’s manual sensor at the base of their Ultralight arm.

Pivots for the digital market will also be shown. These were introduced at last year’s DEMA Show, but have grown in popularity since then. They can be used on Light and Motion’s Tetra housings, Sea and Sea cameras, or many of the polycarbonate housings. This pivot allows the photographer to go from horizontal to vertical in less time than it takes the strobes to recycle.

Also available will be a new strobe adapter for the Ikelite DS-125 strobe, the Inon strobes and the Epoque strobes.

Ultralight remains the leader in trays and arms for film cameras, housings, video housings and now the digital market. They produce the lightest weight arm on the market.

Come by their booth to see the new products. #556

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