Underwater Breathing Gill Races Past Crowdfunding Goal

The TRITON Portable Oxygen Respirator Has Raced Past Its Initial Crowdfunding Goal.

Remember that underwater breathing gill we told you about back in 2014?

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Well, the concept is inching toward reality with a crowdfunding campaign underway that has already exceeded the builders’ goals.

According to the TRITON Portable Oxygen Respirator‘s Indigogo campaign page, its builders have so far raised more than US$509,000 — about 1000 percent above the original $50,000 goal — with a month left to go.

As DeeperBlue.com previously reported, the TRITON extracts oxygen under water through a filter made of fine threads with holes smaller than water molecules.  A claim that has put the internet into a spin as the physics doesn’t seem stack up based on the limited information available to the public right now.  We’ve reached out to the TRITON team to clarify some of the burning questions the diving community has.

If you have dreams of the famous James Bond theme music going through your mind when you dive, head on over to the TRITON Indigogo page, check out the video below and make up your own mind as to whether this is real or not.