The US Air Force has suspended its dive training in the wake of two servicemembers who died earlier this year.

One of the deceased airmen was lost and presumed dead in November after he fell out of an aircraft over the Gulf of Mexico, while the other died in October of injuries sustained during mountain rescue training.

As a result, all diving, parachuting and mountaineering training and operations have been halted.

The suspensions have been in place since December 3rd, according to Air Force Special Operations Command spokeswoman Major Amanda Reeves, who told Air Force Times:

“AFSOC, in coordination with US Special Operations Command and the US Air Force, is reviewing all equipment, safety procedures and regulations pertaining to these specialized skills. After a comprehensive evaluation is complete and any necessary changes are identified and implemented, operations are expected to resume.”

Check out the full story at Air Force Times, and to learn more about Air Force combat divers, click here.

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