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US EPA Issues Draft Plastic Pollution National Strategy


The US Environmental Protection Agency has published a new draft national strategy to combat plastic pollution.

The draft “National Strategy to Prevent Plastic Pollution” outlines the measures and policy that need to be implemented to reach the EPA’s goals.

The EPA’s primary objective in dealing with plastic pollution is to eliminate the discharge of waste, including plastic, into the environment by 2040. The new strategy is in keeping with the main three goals the EPA has for combating plastic pollution:

  • Goal A: minimize pollution throughout the plastic manufacturing process.
  • Goal B: Improve post-use management of plastics and other relevant materials.
  • Goal C: Stop micro/nanoplastics and waste from being discharged in waterways, plus eliminate waste that escapes into the environment.

According to EPA Administrator Michael Regan:

“Plastic pollution negatively impacts our environment and public health with underserved and overburdened communities hit hardest. As a global leader in the efforts to address these challenges and pave the way for the future, we must combat plastic pollution from every angle and prevent it at every step of the plastic lifecycle. As we take comment on EPA’s draft national strategy, the agency will continue this work to protect people and the planet, ensuring the benefits reach our most vulnerable communities.”

The EPA is inviting the public to comment on its strategy. You can find it here.

Plastic Ocean Pollution And Microplastics (AdobeStock)
Problem plastic bottles and microplastics floating in the open ocean. Marine plastic pollution concept. 3D illustration (AdobeStock)
Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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