US National Spearfishing Results

"On July 19, 2001 the US National Freedive Spearfishing Championships were held in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The results were 1st Place Team Massachusetts/OMER Team #1 (Scott Turgeon, Andrew Geist, and Sean Latterner), 2nd Place Team GLACD Team #1 (Bill Ernst, Rene Rojas, and Gerald Lim), and 3rd Place Team Hawaii Team #1 (Jason Hijinda, Ryan Paik, and Koebel Vitarelli). Individual placings were Scott Turgeon Champion spearing 16 fish totaling 80.88 points, Andrew Geist Vice Champion spearing 16 fish totaling 78.70 points, and Miguel Guinovar of the Miami Freedivers 3rd Place spearing 11 fish totaling 72.86 points.The World Freedive Spearfishing Championships will be held in Brazil in May 2002. Team USA will be made up of Rene Rojas from California, Ken Lee from Hawaii, and Andrew Geist and Scott Turgeon from Florida (even though they’re from FL, Andrew and Scott competed for Massachusetts at this year’s Nationals). The World Championships are held every 2 years and Team USA is chosen by divers’ combined scores from the previous 2 National Championships."