US Team Apnea Tryout results

“The US Freediving Team Apnea tryout results have been published.

Held at the Kona Aquatics Centre, Hawaii, the result are as follows:

Kevin Busscher, 114.4 points, rank 1
Brett Le Master, 110.67 points, rank 2
Deron Verbeck, 102.14 points, rank 3
Annabel Briseno, 99.00 points, rank 4
David Rauser, 96.14 points, rank 5

Points are accumulated as follows: Static Apnea: 1 point per 6 seconds breath-holding time. Dynamic Apnea (U/W swim) 0.5 point per yard distance underwater swim.

The second tryout will be held on 22 April 2001.