Wednesday, May 29, 2024

UTD Brings a Coaching Model to Scuba Training


Unified Team Diving is bringing an old concept that is new to scuba diving as it relates to dive training.

The global scuba training and certification agency launched a coaching program where students are clients and UTD instructors are coaches. The program launched two years ago, but it is recently gaining momentum and popularity.

According to UTD Founder Jeff Seckendorf:

“When you look at the traditional scuba model, it’s about showing up, doing something and getting a certification card, where the card becomes the holy grail. In our minds, it’s the training that is the holy grail, not the card. It’s all about the journey and the process!”

Once a student signs up for the program, they will begin the coaching process.

The new client receives an entry questionnaire, where they define their goals, their schedule, etc.

The coach creates a plan for that client. The plan can be different for each client due to their schedules and needs. The plan will be weekly and delivered to the client by email.

The weekly plan includes a wide variety of training — pool and/or open water sessions; core, strength, and aerobic fitness sessions; nutritional and hydration suggestions; equipment management and maintenance sessions; as well as academic training.

Water training sessions are submitted to the coach via video, and certification can be part of the training where it is appropriate.

Other training sessions include monthly themes and regional training camps.

The recreational coaching program costs $120.19/~€131.45 per month while the technical and cave training costs $169.19/~€172.14 per month. Those interested in the UTD leadership/instructor path will pay $239.19/~€243.37 per month.

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— by Robbie Harper DEMA Team DEMA Team
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