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Valtamer Teams Up With Aqualung To Showcase Alltab Underwater Tablet

Valtamer is teaming up with Aqualung at DEMA Show 2017 to showcase their new product, the Alltab underwater tablet.

The Alltab assists divers when documenting information underwater. Each tablet is wired to the Allhub on the surface which allows divers to get a GPS and internet connection while diving. A GoPro action camera can be secured to the back of the tablet housing with a wifi connection to visual record data for personal or professional needs.

What makes the Alltab stand out is that the aluminum waterproof housing permanently protects the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8-inch. The touch screen on your tablet is fully functional underwater because the screen is shielded by a non-conductive liquid. They include additional liquid so divers can add or decrease the amount of fluid from a small port. This way divers can personalize their the liquid to their liking. Another feature is a port that can be used for both charging and connecting your tablet to the computer, but the Valtamer team encourage using the wireless charging base.

The Alltab housing is also recognized for its durability and the depths that it can operate at. The military version is rated to 150 meters/492 feet and the recreational unit’s rating is 90 meters/296 feet. The tablet housing is compact and divers can easily wear it on their arm when handling equipment or tools. Allure data gathering software and the Valtamer Navigator are available for Miltary and Professional customers.

The Alltab and Allhub retail for US$3600/~3098 Euros. For more info, check out the video below or go to the company’s website at

Bethy Driscoll
Bethy Driscoll
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