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Vertical Blue 2022: Day 3 – Five National Records Set


Day 3 of the Vertical Blue 2022 freediving competition at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas saw five new national records set, including a monster one for Poland’s Mateusz Malina.

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Additionally, seven other national record attempts didn’t quite make it.

Poland’s Mateusz “Matt” Malina dove to 124m/407ft for a national record in the Free Immersion (FIM) discipline.

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Four More National Records Set

On the men’s side, Mexico’s Pepe Salcedo dove to 102m/335ft in the FIM discipline, and Peru’s Juan Valdivia nabbed a national record with a 67m/220ft Constant Weight with Bifins (CWTB) dive.

As for the women, Hungary’s Fatima Korok shrugged off her failed FIM national record attempt from Day 2 to achieve a 56m/184ft Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) dive on Day 3. And South Africa’s Talya Davidoff added to her FIM national record from Day 1 with a 55m/180ft CNF dive.

And More Red Cards

Seven other national record attempts fell short, with Taiwan’s Michael Zhi-Da Ko’s second attempt at a 93m/305ft CWTB dive resulting in a blackout, and China’s Potti Lau also tried for a 93m dive in the same discipline but only managed 91m/299ft. Japan’s Hikaru Chinomi was gunning for a 68m/199ft CNF dive but suffered a blackout. And Barbados’s Alex Davis was scheduled to attempt an 80m/262ft CWTB dive but didn’t try it.

In an Instagram post, Davis wrote:

“Where to even begin with my VB2022 journey. Training was going great for 2.5 weeks, enjoying every single deep dive, every success, every new PB and even every mistake was a pleasure because I’m here, in my favorite place to freedive and grateful for the opportunity to compete at this competition with the help from my sponsor @kaijucap. Then, out of no where, for seemingly no reason, I’ve been plagued with tension migraines that appear suddenly at depth and stop me in my tracks. Day 1 was no different and I simply dove to 20m with @daanverhoevenfreediver to make use of my time to snap a couple photos despite the pain & agony I was under.

“Today (Day 3) unfortunately is no better and I have had to DNS (cancel my dive). I’ve consulted with multiple medical professionals and there isn’t really any concrete or definitive diagnosis other than something is off with my sinuses and I need to rest & hydrate.”

On the women’s side, Turkey’s Sahika Ercumen couldn’t add to her Day 1 Constant Weight with Monofin (CWT) national record when her 92m/302ft FIM dive resulted in a blackout. In an Instagram post, she said:

“Sometimes it is red card… Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn. I blacked out today. I was very excited for this dive even I did it in the training and later we found out we miscalculated and I had extra 400gram on me then usual 🙂 I could still make the dive but I couldn’t… It is part of the game… Now I will rest, recover and keep going <3 Thank you for all support, our amazing safety and medical team, my friends, my coach and all my sponsors.”

Spain’s Isabel Sanchez-Aran sought a 79m/259ft CWT national record but came up short at 73m/239.5ft, and Mexico’s Camila Jaber was gunning for a 78m/256ft CWTB dive but only managed 74m/243ft.

Diveye Videos ‘Fixed’

There has been some frustration expressed by online viewers who saw the Diveye stream struggling with issues with bandwidth onsite for uploading and the online servers overloaded with people logging on. Organizers, in a post on the Vertical Blue Facebook Page, said:

“VB2022 DAY 2 sessions FIXED!

“VB2022 DAY 1 sessions 1 and 3 Fixed, working on sessions 2.

“Whenever we experience connectivity issues from this remote location during the day, we will upload glitch-less streams from all daily sessions later on the same day.

“This way all the Users who have access to the streaming platform can enjoy good quality coverage of all the dives.

“To access live stream and recordings from previous days go to

VB2022 DAY 2 sessions FIXED!VB2022 DAY 1 sessions 1 and 3 Fixed, working on sessions 2.Whenever we experience…

Posted by Vertical Blue on Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Full Day 3 Results

With Thursday, August 4th being a rest day, competition resumes on Friday.

Check out the full Day 3 results below!

Vertical Blue Day 3 Results
Vertical Blue Day 3 Results

Photos of Day 3

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Feature Photo by Daan Verhoeven

With on-site reporting from Francesca Koe and additional reporting by Stephan Whelan.

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