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Video: The POD – Diving With Orcas In Norway

Video: The POD – Diving With Orcas In Norway

Diving with Orcas (or killer whales as they are also known) is something that is on quite a few divers bucket-lists.  These majestic, intelligent mammals are known to frequent the fjords of Norway and divers flock to join expeditions to grab a glimpse of one.

We sent Staff Videographer Sarah Barrett to join a seven-day expedition on MS Sula with Orca Norway and the result was the original short “The POD”.

Sarah was mesmerized by the whole trip and had this to say about the whole experience:

Filming “The Pod” in the northern fjords of Norway was one of the most incredible experiences.  There were countless times I had to put the camera down and simply take in the scenery around me. A cotton candy colored sky lit up around us as we cruised through what seemed to be endless fjords filled with snow covered mountains. This place was something out of a dream, and I had the pleasure of being in some of the best company while taking this journey.

I was aboard MS Sula with Orca Norway for a total of seven days, all the while filming the ins and outs of what makes this orca expedition surpasses the rest. Everything from the crew, to the food, to the chance to be able to see orcas in their natural environment, made this a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will say this: it is not for the faint of heart! This may have been the coldest experience in my life, but boy was it worth it. You could see the orcas swimming in the fjords before we were even in the water, and we even got the chance to see humpbacks from the boat. The moment that made the whole trip worth it though was the first time I hopped in the water from the boat, turned my head, and saw 6 orcas swimming along side me. It’s a feeling that you cannot put into words, but I would give up being able to feel my toes again to have it!

I am so grateful to Orca Norway for their generosity in allowing me to film while aboard, and making it a memory that will never leave me. The friendships I made while aboard and the encounters that I can never forget are more than I could have asked for. We were even taught about orca behavior and backgrounds and received a USEA certification courtesy of Pierre Robert de Latour. Overall I would say to anyone looking to take this adventure in Norway: “Why haven’t you booked it yet?!”

You can watch the video above, or directly on YouTube.