Virgin Voyages has announced that Stream2Sea is its preferred partner for reef-safe sunscreen products.

By choosing Stream2Sea, the company aims to help create a positive change that helps our oceans, by committing the company to reef-safe sunscreens.

According to Autumn Blum, the CEO of Stream2Sea:

“While some brands in the market today claim to be reef-safe and ocean-friendly, many contain ingredients that are known to harm the fragile ecosystems and marine life…Stream2Sea consciously chooses all ingredients not only to be safer for our waters, but safer for you as well.”

Stream2Sea products are carefully formulated to not contain oxybenzone or any other chemicals with are harmful to our reefs.

Stream2Sea products will now be available for sale aboard Virgin Voyages cruises, as well as at the Beach Club at Bimini. The announcement is part of Virgin Voyages’Vitamin Sea” initiative which is dedicated to the well-being of their crew, sailors, and the ocean’s reefs.