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Water Born – Episode Five “With Every Passing”

The second series of web TV show “Water Born” continues with the heartfelt Episode Five “With Every Passing”.  This episode features Performance Freediving International co-founder Kirk Krack and actress/dancer Tanya Bevan.

Creative Director Goh Imroto had this to say to

“We wanted to yet again tell a new story and theme utilizing the underwater world. To be completely honest, the story grew naturally. We knew that we wanted a relationship with a daughter and father…but the key theme of remembrance was something that grew in the dialogue while working with our talented actress/dancer Tanya Bevan. A lot of people we have shown so far have really asked us what the exact interpretation of the piece is about…this was something we wanted to leave to the viewer…what we did want to focus on was this strange emotional connection between father and child…and one where the depths of being underwater really help signify the emotional connection.”

The original Water Born series hit our screens back in November 2014 with 3 amazing Freediving videos featuring world-renown Freedivers as they embark on a journey of travel and adventure.

You can watch Episode Five below or on YouTube.

Water Born TV Episode 5 "With Every Passing"
Water Born TV Episode 5 “With Every Passing”
Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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