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Western Canadian Regionals Results

On September 14 and 15, Canadian freedivers competed at the Western Canadian Regional competition. The planning of these events, led by Ken McCallum, competition??organizer??and Hamish Tweed, scuba support coordinator, is getting better and better.

Saturday saw beautiful fall conditions: the water temperature was a mild 17C, clear emerald visibility, the sun was shining and the seas calm. Competitors, technical divers, and support volunteers swam a few hundred metres from the shore at Ansell Point to stage the competition.

Eric Fattah returned to the Canadian competitive fold with a solid dive to 70m, the deepest ever in Canadian competition. Unfazed, Tom Lightfoot followed with a dive to 65m. Newcomer Tyler Zetterstrom made an easy 40m dive. Expect to see more from this first time competitor!?? Diane Price, celebrated her first 30m competition dive with a whoop and hugs for the judges.?? Peter Scott left his monofin on the shore and made a dive to 35m for a new Canadian record for constant ballast without fins. The day ended with no blackouts or sambas and smiles on everyone’s faces.

On Sunday, the CAFA group rose from a fitful sleep at six in the morning to continue with the static and dynamic events in an outdoor pool. The weather was threatening and the air cold enough so that between events, competitors lounged in the hot tub well inside the aquatic centre. Competitors had to brave the harsh elements and the novelty of competing so early in the morning.

Mandy-Rae Cruickshank led the way in static with a time of 5:33 which beat her old competition mark of 5:31, showing her familiar world-record form. Canadian "young gun" Tyler Zetterstrom led the men with a static of 5:18. The veterans had better watch their back!

In dynamic, high drama in the pool! Eric Fattah broke the existing national record of 108m with a dynamic of 123.7m. Mandy-Rae followed him with a solid 100m dynamic. Then the pressure was on. Could Peter Scott defend his dynamic title??? He surfaced at 125.1m and thanked his mentor for showing him it could be done. Look for more Canadian dynamic rivalry at the next competition.

Greg Fee set a new Canadian no fins dynamic record at 80.1m bringing the spectators to loud cheering. Peter Scott was greedy for his 3rd record of the competition but could not compete with the spry Mr. Fee.

Many thanks from all the competitors for a safe and exciting competition made possible by the volunteer support staff, freedivers, and scuba divers who came out to help.

Peter Scott
Peter Scott
Peter Scott freedives in British Columbia, Canada. After competing in the World Championships for Canada in 2001, he has continued his exploration of the ocean through writing, art, photography, freediving, swimming, surfing, windsurfing, and travel. Visit his website at