With the war against Lionfish heating up off the coast of Florida, looks like at least one grocery chain is getting into the business of selling the fish.

According to multiple news sources original news source Civil Eats, Whole Foods plans to begin selling Lionfish in its U.S. West Coast stores within the next six months, with the possibility of going national soon after.

The catalyst for Whole Foods’ decision was the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program giving the Lionfish its “Best Choice/Green” rating. Whole Foods uses Seafood Watch to decide what to stock in its stores.

Granted, the Lionfish’s spines are poisonous venomous, but remove them and you get a white, flaky fish with a mild flavor.

If you spearfish off the East Coast, check out the video below to learn how to safely fillet a Lionfish.

And who knows? This might be the one invasive fish that breath-hold spearfishermen/women might not turn their noses up at scuba spearfishermen/women.