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Wild Ocean Film Review

As  we approach 2009 and start making lists ofresolutions with the same repeats year after year, including weight loss, moreexercise, consuming less alcohol and giving up smoking, perhaps nature andocean lovers could change their to-do lists into the direction of theenvironment and focus on education and awareness.

Wild Ocean (2008) an unforgettablenature documentary which dives to the depths of the ocean and through thevastness of the sea with breathtaking 3-D cinematography, giving a profoundmessage for all mankind.


It isdescribed as an explosive, symphonic giant screen film about man and naturethat captures one of the world’s greatest spectacles.  Great factual knowledge is given throughoutthis sea epic that leaves the viewer more environmentally conscious thanbefore.


Eachyear a massive feeding frenzy takes place in the oceans of South Africa asbillions of fish migrate up the KwaZulu-Natal Wild Coast.   Breaching whales, frenzied sharks, herdingdolphins, and diving gannets compete in an epic underwater struggle forsurvival.  The film portrays how in SouthAfrica, business, government and the local people have joined forces in anattempt to protect this great and invaluable migration.


Thebeauty of both landscape and seascape are captured by the incredible 3-Dcinematography in this film. “Wild Ocean 3-D” is narrated by a native SouthAfrican, which adds to the educational elements of the film and creates an evengreater appeal for teachers and students alike.


Thefilm also explores the effects of warmer temperatures on oceanic ecosystems,and how even a few degrees change can disrupt a way of life that has beenlargely unchanged for millennia. (The film said that warmer temperatures wouldmean that some fish would seek deeper, cooler waters, changing migrationpatterns for prey and predators.)


Nominated by GSCA for Five Awardsincluding Best Film, Cinematography, Sound, and produced by the creators of theinternational sensation STOMP and directors of the award-winning giant screenfilm Pulse: a STOMP Odyssey, Wild Ocean is now showing in giant screen theatersin both 2D and 3D.


A listof where to view this film can be seen at this link.


Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise is the former News Editor for She is based in Dubai.