William Trubridge To Attempt 102m CNF World Record Tomorrow

William Trubridge Returning from a CNF Dive (Photo by Alex St Jean)

17x World Champion Freediver – William Trubridge – is hoping to secure his 18th World Record tomorrow (20th July 2016) as he attempts to dive 102m/335ft into Deans Blue Hole in the Bahamas on a Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) dive.

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Like his previous 2014 attempt, this event is sponsored by New Zealand beverage Steinlager and is being called Trubridge’s “Return to the Deep”.  The attempt will be live streamed in New Zealand and across the world via the TVNZ Breakfast Show at 19:40 UTC / 15:40 EST / 12:45 PST / 21:45 CET.

William Trubridge, New Zealand #FacesOfFreediving Photo © Tim Calver/DeeperBlue.com

Trubridge, who previously postponed this attempt till he was feeling stronger after a bout of sickness in 2015, has taken to Facebook to tell the world he is ready:

24 hours to go to the Steinlager 102m Freediving World Record Attempt (CNF). All systems are in place, and the forecast is for light breezes with some cloud cover.

Check back to DeeperBlue.com for more news on the record attempt tomorrow.

Photos by Tim Calver/DeeperBlue.com and Alex St Jean