World Champion Freediver, Sara Campbell is working to change the way we learn to freedive with the launch of a totally new online video courses called Yoga for Freediving.

Yoga for Freediving contains over 60 videos in six distinct yoga-based courses; each one contains exercises and advice based on her personal experiences of battling her own fears and conquering mental blocks on her way to becoming one of the world’s top freedivers.

Sara Campbell world Champion freediver running freediving courses in Dahab. Egypt. Photo Credit Dan Burton

The courses focus on crucial, yet often missing, mental and spiritual aspects of freediving. The programme is designed to complement regular training and certification programmes to give freedivers a more rounded approach to their sport.  Each course within the collection contains yoga sets, meditations, pranayamas, guided visualisations and lectures; and one course specifically focuses on targeted freediving stretches and a progressive series of lung stretches to prepare for diving.


The full Yoga for Freediving programme will contain the following courses:


Each course, that will be priced at $50 USD, will contain:

  • around two hours (five to seven videos) of unique targeted content
  • 22 How-To videos covering the essential basics of Yoga for Freediving, to enable freedivers of all levels to create their own training programme from the courses.
  • audio downloads of the lectures and visualizations to accompany pool/ocean-side warm-ups, and for deeper immersion into the theory and philosophy of the unique Discover Your Depths approach
  • PDF downloads of a suggested six-week training programme for each course, plus other useful additional information

The first course in this six-part programme – DEEP RELAXATION – will be launched on INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY – 21st June.

Sara Campbell 96m World Record, Photo Credit Blue Eye FX

For those who want to receive personal coaching from Sara to accompany these videos, each course has a GO PREMIUM option, which includes a personal consultation, three one-to-one Skype coaching sessions and online support for just $300.

For more information, including exclusive content from Sara, keep an eye on and take a look at