World Record and 4 National Records at the 13th Polish Pool Freediving Championships

8th Polish Pool Freediving Championships - Photo by Rafa? Meszka

Poland recently held their 8th 13th Pool Freediving Championships at the beautiful, world-class pool complex Aqua Lublin.  49 athletes competed from 9 different countries in Dynamic (DYN), Dynamic No Fins (DNF) and Static (STA) disciplines.

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In the first heat on the very first day of the competition, Mateusz Malina set a beautiful new Dynamic (DYN) World Record with a 285m dive. Judges Petar Bojovic and Denys Rylov had no doubt about the attempt present Malina with a white card for the first World Record set in Poland.

8th Polish Pool Freediving Championships – Photo by Rafal Meszka

As the competition progressed four national records were broken – Magdalena Solich with her 168m dive set the new Polish record in Dynamic No Fins (DNF).  Ilona Bardiseva from Latvia swam 114m Dynamic No Fins (DNF), while Polish athlete Michalina Adelina Hetnar-Michaldo and Czech athlete Martin Valenta kept us on our toes, with 6min 27sec and 8min 57sec breath holds respectively, to set national records in Static (STA).

8th Polish Pool Freediving Championships – Photo by Rafal Meszka

The Overall Results

1. Magdalena Solich (POL) – 245,1 points
2. Julia Kozerska (POL)  – 243,3 points
3. Alice Hickson (UK) – 200,3 points
1. Mateusz Malina (POL) – 327,5 points
2. Martin Valenta (CZE) – 309,7 points
3. Michal Bochenek (POL) – 266,7 points

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