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World Record Freediver opposes Cayman Islands Captured Dolphin Program

Tanya Streeter Glamour In an apparent reversal of governmental policy, the Cayman Islands are proposing the institution of 4 proposed captive dolphin schemes to supposedly help promote tourism within the islands. There is much International opposition to this plan and World Record Freediver Tanya Streeter has decided to come out in vocal opposition to this plan.

"The only thing that can stop this is public opinion and in particular divers and freedivers writing to the Cayman Director of Tourism saying they will not come there is such a facility is built." stated Tanya with her husband Paul.

The Cayman Islands government have shocked environmentalists around the world by entertaining up to 4 proposals for a captive dolphin facility on Grand Cayman. In apparent contradiction of their self-acclaimed " environmentally friendly" label, it seems the Government may bend to the almighty weight of the dollar before following in the footsteps of more progressive and genuinely eco-friendly destinations who provide conservation minded tourism with little or no impact or exploitation of the environment.

"As a Caymanian and an environmentalist, I am appalled by the possibility of dolphins imprisoned on my island home." she has publically stated on her website. She has joined a strong local campaign to protest the proposals and is working closely with The Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society ( to see that none of them come to fruition. Prior to an appearance on The Latenight with David Letterman Show in June, she hopes to draw more attention to this potential outrage.

Tanya has sent a formal letter to the local Caymanian Compass Newspaper voicing her outrage over this proposal. You can read the full context of that letter on her website.

Please email the Minister for Tourism at and tell him you won’t visit the Cayman Islands if they promote the capture/imprisonment/exploitation of dolphins/cetaceans now or anytime in the future.

Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
Cliff is the former Freediving editor of He is now a freelance journalist and film-maker.