Worlds 2004: Day 1

Day 1 – Wednesday 4th August 2004

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  • We finally made it to Vancouver after a rather eventful flight. London Heathrow was shut down for a good 3 hours due to severe weather and the fact that a plane on the runway had been struck by lightning. After a heathy delay we finally touched down in Vancouver and were picked up by Brent Pascall at the airport who was to be our host for the first night.

    Today (Wednesday) is a day of formalities as well as bringing together the social aspects of the freediving community. Athletes, in their respective country teams, have registered. The organisers and judges have given their briefings to the athletes and everything is shaping up to an excellent comeptition.

    Accomodation and "Athletes Village" are at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Most teams have excellent views looking over Vancouver Bay and the facilities are world class.

    A couple of teams have dropped out – Venezula and Eygpt – which changes the dynamic of the teams and who could possibly win. Bets are on the UK, Canada, Germany or Japan for the mens team and Canada for the women, however, several countries are fielding strong sides so we shall see what people have been doing during training dives in the next few days.

    Photos are starting to go up on our special area of the Gallery so head over there now. Discussions in the forums have also started to heat up as well so why not join in?

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