World’s Absolute Freediver Awards 2011

On May 31 2012, announced the results of the annual award for the best and the most complete freediving competitors. The World’s Absolute Freediver Award (WAFA) is an annual prize for freedivers with the highest combined score in six freediving disciplines: static apnea, dynamic apnea with fins, dynamic apnea without fins (pool disciplines), constant weight with fins, constant weight without fins, and free immersion (depth disciplines). This award was sponsored by Scubapro and

Competitive freediving is an underwater sport where the athletes attempt to reach the best performance (time, distance, or depth) on a single breath. The WAFA 2011 lists competitors with the best combination of performances in six freediving disciplines achieved in competitions or in individual attempts officially sanctioned by one of existing freediving federations.

World's Absolute Freediver Awards 2011 1

William Trubridge

This year, the main awards belong to Alena Zabloudilová (Czech Republic) and to William Trubridge (New Zealand). The main prize for the two principal winners were the diving computers with an integrated heart rate monitor Scubapro Uwatec Meridian, then freediving masks from Scubapro, buoys and fin bags from, and for all 22 awardees, nose-clips from

World's Absolute Freediver Awards 2011 2

 Alena Zabloudilová

A complete set of results can be found at the following link: