Y-40 The Deep Joy

Construction of the deepest pool in the world has commenced. 10 days ago in Abano Terme, Italy project architect and manager of the Hotel Terme Millepini Emanuele Boaretto started excavation for the Y-40  — a  concept swimming pool devoted to diving professionals and amateurs.

Designed with freedivers in mind, Y-40 the Deep Joy will achieve its own depth world record plunging to -40 meters below the surface. An additional feature that will distinguish Y-40 will be the pool’s use of thermal water to fill it – a constant 32/33 degrees°C.

The volume characteristics are impressive; the main tank will be 20m by 18m with a depth of 10 meters — with one side offering a shaft that is 6m in diameter descending down to 40 meters. Compared to the Nemo 33 in Brussels that boasts 2400 cubic meters, Y-40 the Deep Joy will exceed that by nearly double with a whopping 4300 cubic meters.

Stay tuned to the facebook page and website of Y-40 for updates as the pool is expected to be completed by early 2014.

Y-40 The Deep Joy 1