Freediver and Yoga Instructor Sara Campbell recently announced that Belgian yoga teacher Jean Philippe had joined Discover Your Depths, and the pair have launched a series of seasonal alignment yoga retreats.

The newest retreats on the docket include a pair of day-long ones:

* “Emerge from Winter into Spring,” in Les Sources, Woluwe, Brussels on February 18th

* “Leap into Spring,” at Osana Family Wellness in Cairo, Egypt on March 22nd.

. . . As well as week-long “Alignment Retreats,” including:

* Spring Alignment, Dahab, St Catherine’s and Nuweiba, April 6th-13th
* Summer Alignment, RockSea Retreat, Nuweiba, June 15th-22nd
* Autumn Alignment, Normandy, France, August 17th-24th
* Winter Alignment, dates and venue to be confirmed

For prices and other details, check out the “Events” page on the Discover Your Depths website.

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