Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Spearfishing(you) Hold, Dive, Shoot: Your Virtual Spearfishing Training

(you) Hold, Dive, Shoot: Your Virtual Spearfishing Training


Hold, dive, shoot… This is as efficient as spearfishing gets. We rarely get bored performing the same routine over and over and over again. The details change though.

Sometimes it is an icy water, you are wearing a 9mm wetsuit and visibility is so poor that you barely see the tip of your gun. Sometimes the sky is clean, the sun is white hot, the visibility is just insane and you are dreaming of the cool thermocline deeper below. Sometimes, however, you are at work/home, having a midday snack/office meeting/evening walk but your mind is somewhere else. Hold, dive, shoot…

Today you have a better chance of being closer to the sea, regardless of your actual location. (you) Hold, Dive, Shoot is an online series aimed at making you a better spearo. Together we will get ready and then hold our breath to make a deep dive for a beautiful Amberjack.

Episode 5 will put you face to face with a 21kg AJ at around 35m. Make sure you don’t cheat and hold your breath for the duration of the dive.

Deep Spearfishing Encyclo: (You) Hold, Dive, Shoot. Pt.5!

If you want more and you feel that you are ready to step your game up then here is the playlist to the original episodes of the series.

Deep Spearfishing Encyclo: (You) Hold, Dive, Shoot.
Anvar Mufazalov
Anvar Mufazalov
Anvar Mufazalov is DeeperBlue.com's Mediterranean specialist. With a passionate dedication he promotes the idea of "spearfishing - an art" and offers unique 'tailored for spearos' freediving courses in the island of Cyprus.