Thursday, June 17, 2021

Zeagle Announces High Pressure Seat Recall


Zeagle First Stages Recalled Zeagle Systems, Inc. is recalling 931 first stage Scuba regulators sold between January 20, 2003 and May 19, 2003. If you have one of these regulators it is essential to take it to your dealer for immediate repair. Do not attempt to dive with this regulator again until the regulator has been inspected and by an authorized Zeagle dealer.

The first stage regulators affected are the following models:

FlatHead Six s/n F001391 to F001476

50D s/n B003315 to B003652

DS-IV s/n A001352 to A001571

Envoy s/n C001117 to C001403

The serial numbers are stamped on each first stage body. Zeagle regulators that have been serviced since January 20, 2003 may also be affected.

These first stage regulators may have a defective high-pressure seat that could cause the first stage to over pressurize. If this occurs, the air supply to the diver could be interrupted, making it impossible for the diver to breathe from the regulator. This type of failure is most likely to occur upon initial pressurization of the regulator and is unlikely to occur underwater.

If you own one of these regulators, take it to your authorized Zeagle dealer for a free inspection and repair. Call 1-800-771-5568 or contact any authorized Zeagle dealer for information on obtaining a free repair.

Zeagle Systems, Inc. is located at 37150 Chancey Rd., Zephyrhills, FL 33541.

Further information is also available on Zeagle’s web site at

Zeagle Announces High Pressure Seat Recall 3
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