Zeagle Announces Unique Product Line

Zeagle Systems of Zephyrhills, Florida showcased many new and exciting products this year at DEMA including custom colors and designs, new equipment, and rental gear systems for instructors and retailers.

Coming Spring 2010, the “Wicked” line is a new style for Zeagle gear. The line will feature a distressed and vintage look straight from the factory! The line will include bouyancy compensators and regulators and will be exclusive to certain Zeagle Authorized Dealers.

If the distressed look is not for you, Zeagle also introduced a completely custom look for their BC’s – tie dye! Select gear can be ordered in one of many tie dye patterns. Different areas of certain BC’s can be ordered in one of the patterns, such as the bladder gusset, shoulder panels, wait panels, and utility pockets. Tie dye patterns are available for order from any Zeagle dealer for an additional cost.

New to the Zeagle line is the Stiletto LTD. This model brings the extra features the Ranger LTD brought to the Ranger to the Stiletto model. Also available, is the Ranger Jr – a kids sized version of the popular Ranger. This model features a smaller 24 lb bladder and the Personal Fit System to keep up with the growing diver!

DEMA 2009 - 3 - Zeagle

Lastly, Zeagle introduced their DiverzED program, a rental equipment line for retailers and independent instructors. The gear offers the same high quality construction and performance as the regular Zeagle lineup, but with a bright orange color and small modifications tailored specifically towards rental gear. Small changes such as front-zip wetsuits with sizes easily visible to rugged kneepads make the lineup perfect for rental fleet. The equipment after several years will be traded up for new gear for a discounted fee to ensure the gear stays current and in good shape. The DiverzED system will be available in April 2010.

(filed by Will Wiggins)

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