Tuesday, July 16, 2024

80 Offshore Munitions Successfully Removed Off Scotland


Offshore disposal specialists EODEX UK removed over 80 offshore munitions from the Moray of Firth in Scotland.

This achievement is unique because the effort was conducted without the need for High Order Detonations, which can be very damaging to the marine environment. The move comes after a high-profile campaign, “Stop the Blasts,” fronted by actress and activist Dame Jonna Lumley.

EODEX UK used an innovative low-order deflagration technique to remove the munitions and worked on the project with Alford Technologies. The technique involves burning out the explosive contents of the munition, rendering it ineffective without the need for big blasts. The effort removed a wide range of munitions, including air-dropped bombs, naval projectiles and mines. Some of the munitions date as far back as the First World War.

Independent noise monitoring of the operations found that the new low-order deflagration was actually quieter than expected. In addition, post-removal analysis of the sea bed showed that there was no damage in the form of cratering, and all the scraps and debris of the munitions were removed and accounted for.

Commenting on the removal, Peter Geddes, the project director for the Moray West offshore wind farm, stated:

“EODEX had provided an excellent service, working closely with our team to ensure the site was cleared of UXO in an environmentally safe way and in time to allow offshore installation works to commence on program. We are pleased that this UK company has developed an effective UXO disposal mechanism that reduces environmental risk. Avoiding High Order detonations on this project has reduced the potential for environmental harm, been well received by key stakeholders and demonstrates our commitment to working with innovators to drive best practice in the sector.”

While EODEX UK CEO Simon Morgan added:

“For decades, industry has cleared munitions from the Second World War using Second World War techniques: just blowing them up. This has caused immense damage to the marine environment and sea creatures – and that’s unforgivable when alternatives exist. We are proud to play a leading role in efforts to change the licensing regime so that only proven low order clearance techniques, such as our low order deflagration, can be used in subsea clearances. As the only technique subjected to the full array of quarry and open sea trials, and with a track record of successful use in military circles, we have always been totally confident in our system. I can’t think of any better demonstration of the reliability, safety, and effectiveness of low order deflation than with this large-scale success. For the future of our industry, this is nothing short of a historic breakthrough.”

Sam Helmy
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