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DeeperBlue.com is one of the premier online destinations for divers. Founded in 1996 by Stephan Whelan we have grown into one of the leading digital media and lifestyle portals for people interested in diving and the ocean. Unlike other sites out there we provide amazing content and a thriving community around Freediving, Ocean Advocacy, Scuba Diving, Spearfishing, and Diving Travel.

We are far more than just a simple dive blog or forum – the site has original editorial feature articles that often go viral, daily news on diving & the ocean, a thriving forum, and an industry-leading social media following.

We are one of the largest and most popular online communities available for divers covering our website, mobile apps, and podcast with over 1 million+ page views every month, a social media reach of over 1million followers and a reach of millions of diving consumers a month.


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DeeperBlue.com has always had a strong foundation with a team of volunteers and staff from around the world that now number over 300. This team of volunteers is led by highly experienced and passionate individuals.


Founder / PublisherStephan Whelan


Editor-at-LargeFrancesca Owings

News EditorJohn Liang

Associate EditorErin Durbin-Sherer

Associate EditorJohn Griffith

Staff Contributors

News Staff WriterSam Helmy
Staff WriterGemma Smith
Staff WriterKristina Zvaritch
Staff WriterLouisa Collyns
Staff WriterMichael Menduno
Staff WriterVictoria Brown
Staff VideographerSarah Barrett


Social Media & Paid Partnership – Victoria Brown


Community Team LeaderMartyn Foxen

Other Contributors

Aaron Chasse
Aaron Wood
Abi Smigel Mullens
Aharon Solomons
Alf Riolop
Alison Pearce
Alun George
Anastassia Yakymenko
Anderson York
Andy Pope
Aniko Kapornaki
Anita de Villiers
Ant Williams
Anvar Mufazalov
Aron Arngrimsson
Ashley Futral Chapman
Austin Tuwiner
Becky Varns
Bethy Driscoll
Bimini Blue Coalition
Branon Edwards
Brian E Clark
Bruce Zahn
Bryn Spencer
Cam Hookey
Carlo Forni
Carlos Correa
Caroline Hawkins
Cassandria De Bellefeuille
Cem Timurkan
Chad Carney
Charles Davis
Charles Engles
Chris Elam
Chris Engelbrecht
Chris Hamblin
Chris Vyvyan-Robinson
Christian Gerzner
Christian McIntosh
Christopher Chin
Christopher Morey
Claudine Sinnett
Cliff Etzel
Craig Williams
Daan Verhoeven
Dale Swift
Dan Hodgins
Daniel Gledhill
Daniela Baker
Dave Ross
David Hamburg
Davrell Tien
Deron Verbeck
Don Draper M.Ed
Donald Sutherland
Duncan Chappell
Duncan Price
Ed Whiting
Emily Corinne Tucker
Emma Farrell
Eric Fattah
Erik Seedhouse
Felix Leander
Forrest Simon
Fran Rose
Francois Gautier
Frank Fish
Frank Pernett
Gariel Michalise
George Panagiotakis
Georgina Miller
Gert Leroy
Glyn Emmerson
Grant Graves
Greg Kerr
Hanli Prinsloo
Ian Butler
Ian Phillips
Isaac Daly
Ismail Sonday
Jake Bate
Jakub Rehacek
James Donaldson
Jane Townsend
Jared Schmelzer
Jeannette Copeland
Jeff Ayliffe
Jeff Watson
Jeffrey Gallant
Jennifer Housley
Jennifer Palmer
Jennifer Wiley
Jerry King
Jessica Lawson
Jessica Macdonald
Jessica Winkler
Jessy Troy
Jill Heinerth
Jillian Morris Brake
Jim Doe
Joe Sheridan
John Bennett
John Fuss
John McNair
John Moorcroft
Jon Stenstrom
Jon Zeaman
Jonathan Rowe
Jonathan Sunnex
Julia Mouce
Julia Wheeler
Junko Kitahama
Kaori Mitani
Karen Phillips
Karen Stearns
Karol Meyer
Kathryn Curzon
Kelli Roderick
Kimmo Lahtinen
Kirk Krack
Kurt Bickel
Kurt Chambers
Laura Harris
Layne Hedrick
Leila Monroe
Leslie Randall
Lewis Gavin

Linden Wolbert
Lisa Blau
Louise Dixon
Lucie Wright
Luke Inman
Malcolm James
Mallory Morgan
Mandy-Rae Cruickshank
Marcel van den Berg
Marcus Greatwood
Marcus Greatwood and Kiri Freer
Mark Andrews
Mark Baker
Mark Ellyatt
Mark Evans
Mark Jones
Mark Laboccetta
Mark Lewis
Mark Ryans
Marnie Laing
Martyn Farr
Matt Briseno
Matt Charlton
Matt Goodwin
Michael Bernzweig
Michael Marcotte
Michail G. Zouridis
Mike Thomas
Mike Volpe
Mike Wade
Mikey Augustin
Nancy Romanica
Nathan Lucas
Nathan Vinski
Nicholas Stael von Holstein
Nick Fazah
Nico Danan
Nicolas Winkler
Nola Schoder
Oliver Boyce
Panos Lianos
Patrick Musimu
Patty Mortara
Paul Keeley
Paul Kotik
Paul Osmond
Per Jennische
Perry Gladstone
Pete Mesley
Pete Wateman
Peter Scott
Phil Mucci
Philip G Van Rensburg
Pia Velasco
Polly Waddington
Rabi Dabboussi
Rachel Barker
Rebecca Coales
Beci Ryan
Ricardo G. Hernandez
Richard Harrington
Richard Pullan
Rick Iossi
Rod Klein
Roger Yazbeck
Ron Smith
Ron Stern
Rosemary E Lunn
Russ Wilder
Rutger Thole
Sam Helmy
Sam Henry
Sam Kirby
Sam Trubridge
Sara-Lise Haith
Sarah Barrett
Sarah Richard
Sascha Schulz
Scott Cassell
Scott D. Jones
Sean Samuels
Sheri Daye
Simo Kurra
Simon Bradley
Sky Christopherson
Stavros Kastrinakis
Stef Mallaci
Steve Copeland
Steve Millard
Steve Trulgia
Stuart Philpott
Stuart Walker
Susan Asher
Susana Navajas
Sven Anderson
Tanc Sade
Tanya Streeter
Tara Alessandra Abrina
Tec Clark
Ted Harty
Terry Maas
The Deepest Bear
Theresa Moniot
Thom Reilly
Tim Armesy
Tim Taylor
Timur Khamitov
Tobias Bernhard
Toby Pestridge
Todd Storey
Tom Dwyer
Tom Gilmore
Tom Lightfoot
Tony Marcuccino
Torben Lonne
Victor Black
Vitomir Maricic
Vladimir Soto
Walt Stearns
Walter Johnson
Walter Starck
William Trubridge
Wolfgang Leander
Yasemin Dalkilic
Yvette Bezuidenhout
Zachary Johnson
Zoe Strandquist


  • 1996 – The site started in 1996
  • 7 – Global awards and recognition
  • 303 – Global volunteers & staff including editorial, community, podcast & social
  • 2,400 – Weekly listeners to the DeeperBlue Podcast
  • 10,466 – Published news and feature articles
  • 20,983 – Users of the mobile app
  • 21,769 – GDPR & CCPA compliant daily & weekly newsletter subscribers
  • 174,125 – Individual visitors per month across web, mobile and app
  • 519,973 – Posts across the 52,000+ community forum threads
  • 1,020,000 – Active and passionate social media followers & likes


  • North America 43%
  • Europe 30%
  • Asia 15%
  • Australia & New Zealand 7%
  • South America 1%
  • Africa 4%


  • Our readers are predominantly:
    • Male (52%)
    • Adults (70% 18-44)
    • Affluent (40% $100k+)
    • College Graduates (71%)
  • With Core Diving Interests:
    • Freediving (59%)
    • Scuba Diving (63%)
    • Spearfishing (34%)
    • Underwater Photo & Video (72%)
    • Technical Diving (13%)
    • Closed Circuit Rebreathers (9%)