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NAUI Announces Sponsorship Of The Spear Life Show

NAUI recently announced that it will sponsor a new scuba diving and spearfishing show on the Outdoor Channel and World Fishing Network.

Ocean Count T-Shirts Support Whales In Hawaii

You can help save the whales of Hawaii by picking up an Ocean Count 2020 T-Shirt.

DAN No Longer Offering Dive Accident Insurance For Quebec Residents

The Divers Alert Network is no longer offering dive accident insurance to DAN members who live in the Canadian province of Quebec.

Record Number Of Manatees Killed In 2019

Manatees in Florida had a terrible 2019, as data shows that a new record of 129 were killed by the end of December 13, 2019.

2020 International Ocean Film Festival Tickets Go On Sale February 5th

If you're an underwater film aficionado and plan to be in the San Francisco, California area in March, you might want to start planning to attend the 2020 International Film Festival.

Bonaire Growing Boulder Corals

The Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire has begun growing three species of boulder corals -- lobed star coral (Orbicella annularis), mountainous star coral (Orbicella faveolata), and great star coral (Montastraea cavernosa) -- in its nurseries.

Could Neanderthals Have Been The First Freedivers?

A new study has concluded that Neanderthals could have been the world's first freedivers.

PSS Snorkeling Guide Now Available In North America

Professional Scuba Schools Worldwide recently announced that it has updated its Snorkeling Guide course and is now offering it to North American and Caribbean affiliates.

Become An SSI Master Diver And Win A Trip On The...

Scuba Schools International recently announced their annual Master Diver Challenge, where folks who get certified as Master Divers during 2020 gat automatically entered into a raffle to win a trip on a liveaboard in Roatan.

Clean Up The Seas With Fourth Element’s New Ocean Debris Bag

Fourth Element recently unveiled a new, compact Ocean Debris Bag that you can bring with you on your next dive.

Paralenz Unveils New ‘Vaquita’ Dive Camera

Paralenz recently unveiled its new "Vaquita" underwater camera that features new sensors and faster processors.

DAN Is Seeking Research Interns for Summer 2020

The Divers Alert Network is seeking talented undergraduate and graduate students to work on dive safety and medical research this summer.

Scroll Down To The Bottom Of The Sea

Ever wondered what kind of critters lived at, say, a depth of 332 meters (1089 feet) below the surface of the ocean, which incidentally is also the deepest a human being has scuba dived?

Hollis Unveils Katana 2 Sidemount BCD

Hollis this week unveiled its new Katana 2 sidemount BCD, which features a low-profile, modular and more streamlined and minimalist design.
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