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Model of OceanX's M/V Alucia2

Bloomberg Philanthropies, OceanX Team Up To Increase Ocean Exploration

Bloomberg Philanthropies and OceanX have announced a new partnership to explore and increase awareness of our oceans.
Brain coral

Nitrogen Pollution May Have Less Of An Impact Than Previously Thought

A study has revealed that nitrogen may have much less of an impact offshore than previously thought.
Aggressor expands Green the Fleet Initiative

Aggressor Expands Its ‘Green The Fleet’ Initiative

Aggressor Liveaboards has announced that it is expanding its “Green The Fleet” Initiative.
Fourth Element is seeking participants for its Mission 2020.

‘Mission 2020’ Gains Robust Dive Industry Following

A whole bunch of dive industry members have banded together to change the way they run their businesses, focusing on reducing their environmental impact by 2020.
2018 NOAA Marine Debris Program Accomplishments Report

NOAA Releases Marine Debris Accomplishments Report

NOAA has released its 2018 Marine Debris Accomplishments report.
Shark Draggers To Face Trial By The End Of The Year

Shark Draggers To Face Trial By The End Of The Year

The two men accused of torturing a shark could have their day in court by the end of the year.
'Her Deepness' Dr Sylvia Earle Will Be At DEMA Show

‘Her Deepness’ Dr Sylvia Earle Will Be At DEMA Show 2018

If you're attending DEMA Show in Las Vegas this year, you may want to carve out some time around 3pm on November 15th to come meet "Her Deepness" Dr. Sylvia Earle.
Reuters To Premiere 'Ocean Shock' Series This Week

Reuters To Premiere ‘Ocean Shock’ Series This Week

Reuters will be premiering a new series this week that looks at the effects of climate change on the world fishing industry.
Juvenile sharks at Keelung Fish Market.

Project AWARE Applauds Stronger Finning Ban For Mediterranean Sharks

Fishing countries gathered for the annual meeting of the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) have adopted a European Union proposal to strengthen the regional ban on shark finning.
Plastic carrier bags and other garbage pollution in ocean

Sea Turtles Rejoice! EU Parliament Bans Single-Use Plastics

Sea turtles and other ocean denizens can rejoice! The European Parliament this week approved a ban on a variety of single-use plastics by a 571-53 vote.
Athelstan Spilhaus's World Ocean Map

Check Out This 1940s-Era World Map Centered On The Oceans

A world map produced in 1942 could serve as a reminder of the importance of the health of the Earth's oceans.
Google's AI Helps Researcher ID Dolphins

Google’s AI Helps Researcher ID Dolphins

Google's artificial intelligence engineers are collaborating with a university researcher to identify dolphins in the wild.
OpenROV Conducting Crowdfunding Campaign For Newest Underwater Drone

National Geographic To Donate 1,000 Underwater Drones For Ocean Exploration

National Geographic announced this week it has partnered with underwater drone company OpenROV to launch the Science Exploration Education (S.E.E.) Initiative, a pioneering effort to explore the ocean.
Rob Stewart, Sharkwater Director

Canadian TV To Air Documentary About Rob Stewart’s Fateful Last Dive

A new documentary about the death of Canadian filmmaker Rob Stewart is set to air in his birth country later this month.
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