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Galápagos Sea Lions swimming

Adopt A Galapagos Sea Lion!

The Galapagos Conservation Trust has launched a campaign to adopt a Galapagos Sea Lion.
Reef Check Diver collects data on coral bleaching and other ecosystem health indicators along a transect.

New Florida Keys Coral Reef Restoration Effort Launched

Several coral reefs in the Florida Keys could be getting a new lease on life.
New EU-Funded Project Strives To Make Ocean Monitoring More Efficient

New EU-Funded Project Strives To Make Ocean Monitoring More Efficient

A new ocean-observation project aims to improve monitoring of the waters off the European Union.
'Beyond Blue' Videogame Developers Release 'Atoll' Teaser Trailer

‘Beyond Blue’ Video Game Pushed Back To February 2020

If you've been waiting with baited breath to try out the new "Beyond Blue" ocean exploration video game, you may have to wait just a little bit longer.
Oceanic Whitetip Shark (Image Credit: Elke Bojanowski / WWF-HK)

WWF Urges Pacific Tuna Fishing Countries To Stop Oceanic Whitetip Shark From Going Extinct

The World Wildlife Fund is urging countries to adopt new solutions to prevent the potential extinction of the oceanic whitetip shark.
'Big Blue' Artist Roland St. John Unveils 'Shark Angel' Christmas Tree Ornament

‘Big Blue’ Artist Roland St. John Unveils ‘Shark Angel’ Christmas Tree Ornament

Marine life artist Roland St. John has unveiled his "Shark Angel" Christmas tree ornament.
Tim Gordon deploys an underwater loudspeaker on a coral reef. Credit Harry Harding, University of Bristol.

Serenading Coral Reefs To Bring Them Back To Life

Fish seem to like the snap-crackle-pop sound of healthy coral reefs, according to new research.
Short fin mako shark underwater view offshore from Cape Town, South Africa. (Adobe Stock)

Conservationists Slam US, EU Opposition To Mako Shark Protection

Conservationists recently slammed the European Union and the United States for opposing the adoption of protections for mako sharks at the annual meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT).
Plastic floating in the ocean

Bubble Curtain Prevents Plastics From Entering The Ocean

A Dutch "Bubble Curtain" helps prevent plastics from entering the ocean from waterways.
Plastic bag floating in the ocean, a bag in the water. The concept of environmental pollution, non-decomposable plastic, increased debris in the world's oceans.

Dates Announced For The International Ocean Film Festival’s Student Film Competition

The date for the 2020 International Ocean Film Festival's Student Film Competition has been announced.
Humpback Whale

Western South Atlantic Humpback Whale Population Has Surged

The population of Humpback Whales in parts of the southern Atlantic Ocean appears to be rebounding, according to a new scientific study.
Shark Fins (Adobe Stock)

U.S. House Passes Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act

The U.S. House of Representatives last week passed a bill that would prohibit the sale, purchase, and possession of shark fins in the United States.
NOAA's Marine Debris Tracker App Logs 2 Million Pieces of Litter

NOAA’s Marine Debris Tracker App Logs 2 Million Pieces of Litter

More than two million items of litter located in all parts of the globe have been logged into the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Marine Debris Tracker app since it was first introduced in 2010.
Amy Lee wins DEMA's 2019 Wave Maker Award

DEMA’s 2019 Wave Makers Award Goes To Amy Lee

Amy Lee, the trips program and communications manager at the Reef Environmental Education Foundation, was bestowed DEMA's 2019 Wave Makers Award this past weekend at DEMA Show 2019.
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