Friday, May 7, 2021


Florida Is Thinking About Lifting The Ban On Harvesting The Goliath Grouper

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is holding a virtual meeting next week where it will consider lifting the ban on harvesting the Goliath Grouper.

Florida Keys Coral Restoration Effort Begins in Earnest

NOAA and Its partners will begin a huge effort to transplant 60,000 coral fragments in the Florida Keys.

PADI and Project AWARE Have Established The PADI AWARE Foundation

Project AWARE and PADI have announced the creation of a new non-profit organization, the PADI AWARE Foundation.

Does Fish Poop Help Corals Survive?

Fish that munch on corals wind up helping those very same corals survive by pooping on them, researchers have found.

Maya Gabeira, Elizabeth Wahler Have Joined Oceana’s Board Of Directors

Oceana recently announced that longtime supporters Maya Gabeira and Elizabeth Wahler have joined the ocean advocacy organization’s Board of Directors.

Saildrone Wins $1 Million In Funding From Google

Saildorne has won US$1 million in grant funding from to study the Gulf Stream.

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation To Hold Its Ocean Awards Gala

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation will hold its annual Ocean Awards Gala on June 10, 2021.

Amazon Urged To Halt Sales Of Endangered Shark Souvenirs

An activist has found that online shopping giant Amazon allows the sale of endangered Mako and Bull shark teeth.

Norway Urged Not To Torture Captured Minke Whales

Stakeholders are urging the Norwegian government to reverse its approval of a series of experiments on captured minke whales.

Bill to Ban Trade of Shark Fins in United States Reintroduced in Congress

U.S. lawmakers this week reintroduced legislation that would ban the buying and selling of shark fins in the United States.

PADI President Praises Maldives For Confirming Shark Protections

PADI staff have met with Maldives government officials to reinforce the position of the dive community about the critical role sharks play in dive tourism.

Sea Snake Thought To Be Extinct Found In Deep Waters Off Australia

A certain species of sea snake that was thought to be extinct at Ashmore Reef off Australia has been rediscovered in deeper waters.

Maldives Government Responds To Anti-Shark Killing Activists

The Maldives government this week responded to concerns that the country is contemplating legalizing the killing of sharks in its waters, saying that's in no way the case.

Blue Nature Alliance Aims To Protect 18 Million Square Kilometers Of Ocean

A new conservation effort founded by a group of nonprofit organizations is looking to protect 18 million square kilometers (7 million square miles) of the ocean over the next five years.