Wednesday, September 28, 2022


New Poll Shows US Citizens Supporting More Action to Protect the Ocean

A new poll released this morning shows a sizable majority of US citizens favoring protecting marine areas that have environmental, educational or cultural importance.

Check Out the View of a Drone At the Top of a 50-Foot Wave

An unmanned surface drone recently captured video of 50-foot-(15-meter) high waves from a recent big storm that hammered Puerto Rico, Bermuda and Canada's Maritime Provinces.

Ocean Discovery League To Launch Global Deep-Sea Capacity Assessment In October

The Ocean Discovery League has announced it will launch its "2022 Global Deep-Sea Capacity Assessment" next month.

Coral Heat Tolerance Is Highly Variable

A new study by researchers at Newcastle University and the Palau International Coral Reef Center has found that coral heat tolerance is highly variable.

The New Green Fins Hub Enhances Marine Protection

The first-ever worldwide marine tourism platform, the Green Fins Hub, has launched.

Oceana’s Gala Raises Over $1.6 Million To Conserve The Oceans

The recent Oceana New York Gala has raised $1.6 million for ocean conservation and protection.

Seiko Prospex and PADI Partner Up For Big Underwater Cleanup

PADI and Seiko have announced that they are teaming up to support the world's largest underwater cleanup event.

New State Law Prohibits Seabed Mining in California Waters

California Governor Gavin Newsom this week signed a new law that will protect nearly 2,500 square miles (6,475 square km) of state waters from seabed mining.

BSAC Partners With Seawilding, Unveils New Shore Surveyor Course

The British Sub-Aqua Club announced this week it has partnered with Scottish environmental charity Seawilding to offer a new "Shore Surveyor" course.

Ocean Justice Forum Unveils New Policy Platform

The Ocean Justice Forum, a network of 18 grassroots and national nonprofit organizations from across the US, this week unveiled its new "Ocean Justice Platform."

NOAA Extends Public Comments Deadline For Right Whale Strike Reduction Rule

NOAA has extended the deadline for comments on a proposed rule meant to reduce ship strikes on the endangered North Atlantic right whale.

Scientists Determined That More Than A Million Sea Turtles Were Poached Over Last 30 Years

Scientists from Arizona State University have published research estimating that more than 1.1 million sea turtles have been poached over the last three decades.

Fish Stocks Cannot Recover Without Urgent Intervention

Researchers have found that without major intervention, fish stocks by biomass will be unable to recover due to the effects of climate change in the 21st century.

Winners Of Overfishing Solutions Competition Announced

The World Bank Coastal Fisheries Initiative Challenge Fund has announced the winners of its competition to find a solution for overfishing.