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Truli Wetsuits

Truli Wetsuits: Truly Designed For Women

Truli Wetsuits is showcasing its women's water wear line at DEMA Show 2018.
RAID Highlights New Direction With Kalkomey Merger Hard Launch

RAID Highlights New Direction With Kalkomey Merger Hard Launch

Deeperblue.com caught up with the folks at RAID to find out about the merger with one of the USA's leading outdoor recreational safety certification bodies in North America, Kalkomey.
Stepdive at DEMA Show 2018

Stepdive: A New Way To Introduce Diving To Children

Stepdive has developed a program to introduce children to diving with a focus of learning some fundamentals while enjoying the water with the family.
Sakura of America's Solid Marker are a great addition to any diver's gearbag!

Sakura of America’s Solid Marker Leaves Their Mark

Whether you are an instructor needing to label rental gear for students, or making sure that your black fins are distinguishable from all the other black fins on the boat, a quick, easy to apply, and permanent solution is a must-have in any gear bag.
NAUI Awards at DEMA Show 2018

NAUI Awards Members At DEMA Show

NAUI, one of the first training agencies established for scuba diving within the USA, honored its members with annual awards at the DEMA Show Thursday.
Gareth Lock Wants All Divers to Know What A Human Factor Is

Gareth Lock Wants All Divers to Know What A Human Factor Is

Gareth Lock is a retired Royal Air Force senior officer who has studied how humans screw up for a very long time.
A Chat With Becky Kagan Schott At DEMA Show 2018

A Chat With Becky Kagan Schott At DEMA Show 2018

DeeperBlue.com had the pleasure to sit down with Becky Kagan Schott to get updated on what she has been up to.
Fourth Element Showcases New 'Ocean Positive' Products

Fourth Element Showcases New ‘Ocean Positive’ Products

Fourth Element has forged a reputation for their environmentally conscious products that combine sustainable materials with cutting-edge performance.
Divers Alert Network At DEMA Show 2018

DAN Americas Takes Over Asia Pacific Territory

The Divers Alert Network Americas has taken over the DAN Asia Pacific territory and this means good news for members.  
Renee Power and Jill Heinerth

It’s Different For Girls: Renee Power and Jill Heinerth Highlight Women Underwater

Jill Heinerth and Renee Powers are leading the industry forward with their book about how the other half dives.
Suunto Unveils D5 Dive Computer At DEMA Show 2018

Suunto Unveils New D5 Dive Computer

Suunto unveiled an innovative recreational dive computer called the D5 at DEMA Show 2018.
RTC and RESA Agree on Rebreather Training Standards

RTC And RESA Agree On Rebreather Training Standards

The Rebreather Training Council (RTC) and the Rebreather Education and Safety Association (RESA) have come to an initial agreement on consensus rebreather training standards.
iBubble to be delivered soon.

iBubble To Begin Shipping Orders Soon

First deliveries of the iBubble underwater drone are expected in the next few weeks.
Cave Divers At PADI

Below and Beyond: PADI Sees Diving as a Force for Good

Choosing positivity and being a force for good at the 2018 DEMA PADI Social.
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