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The Beginners Guide To Spearfishing

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Welcome to The DeeperBlue.com Beginners Guide to Spearfishing.

This unique guide takes you through all the elements you’ll need to be a successful Spearo.  From starting out – learn the ropes around equipment, safety, and training – through to different types of spearfishing and the competitive circuit. This is the ultimate guide online to starting your journey in Spearfishing.

Written by Captain Chad Carney – an experienced spearo with over 45 years of being in the water and catching fish – this is the most comprehensive beginners guide to Spearfishing available online today.

The guide is split into 20 parts which you can find below covering everything a new Spearo could want to know.  Dive in today.

PLEASE NOTE: This guide is no substitute for expert, professionally trained tuition.

Please take a freediving or spearfishing course and remember:NEVER DIVE OR PRACTICE HOLDING YOUR BREATH ALONE.