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Saving The Oceans: ‘Robocop’ In The Water And Other Cutting-Edge Technology

It has become increasingly clear that our oceans are in trouble. However, technology can come to the rescue.

Why Dive Computers Are Essential For Freedivers

Learn why a dive computer is a necessary piece of equipment for freedivers

In Pictures: Caribbean Cup 2019 – Days 1 & 2

Caribbean Cup 2019 onsite photographers Alex St-Jean and Laura Babahekian have been capturing the action.  Check out the gallery from the first two days of competition.

Scuba Diving From A Kayak – Two Sports In One

Kayaking can add an extra dimension to your scuba diving. It can free you from expensive dive charters and take you where they can not go.

Lucky To Be Alive

Providing proper safety whilst Spearfishing as a group is important.

Technical Freediving: Are Breathhold Divers Ready To Mix It Up?

There are a growing number of top-level Freedivers starting to look into utilizing tools and techniques from the Technical Diving world. Michael Menduno delves into this cutting edge thinking.

Sayuri Kinoshita – Strength & Sweetness

DeeperBlue Editor-at-Large Francesca reflects on Sayuri Kinoshita's effervescent giggle and a contagious smile that belied the warrior-like strength Sayuri displayed in her diving.

In The Search of Seals – Diving The UK Farne Islands

We take a trip to North East England to go diving with 8,000 seals

Sayuri Kinoshita – A Video Tribute

To honor the memory of his dear friend, Daan Verhoeven has created a lovely tribute video compiling special moments with Sayuri Kinoshita.

Girl Power Turns 3 – Q&A With Girls That Scuba Founder...

Online female dive community Girls That Scuba turns three today, we catch up with founder Sarah Richard to find out more

Sayuri Kinoshita – A Personal Photo Essay

Photographer Daan Verhoeven shares a personal account of his muse and good friend Sayuri Kinoshita

Why We Should Love Sharks

Diving with sharks is awesome!

The Ultimate Shark Destination – Darwin and Wolf Islands

If you are looking for the ultimate shark destination, then Darwin and Wolf islands in the Galápagos Islands may be the perfect place. There are more sharks here than anywhere else in the world. Find out more about diving with tonnes of sharks.

Video: The POD – Diving With Orcas In Norway

Watch the original short "The POD" about diving with Orcas in Norway
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