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Revel and Elate Tested in British Columbia

Last spring, BARE Social Media Manager Bill Drumm took a few of his friends on a camping trip on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island to test BARE’s newest watersport-focused wetsuits, the Revel and Elate.

What To Expect From A Certified Freediving Course

Learn what to look forward to before beginning a certified freediving course.

Rigs to Reef – Transforming Oil & Gas Rigs Into Artificial...

We take a look at the Rigs-to-Reef program - helping to transform old Oil & Gas rigs into diving destinations

DeeperBlue Video Of The Decade – 2010 to 2020

We announce the DeeperBlue Video Of The Decade covering 2010 to 2020

The DeeperBlue.com Top Stories of 2019

As we come to the end of the year we have gone back into the archives for the year and drawn out our most popular posts of 2019

First AIDA Freediving Emergency Medical Responder Instructor Courses of 2020

Next year, AIDA is planning to expand the number of instructors who can teach its new Freediving Emergency Medical Responder course

DeeperBlue Video Of The Year 2019

We announce the DeeperBlue Video Of The Year for 2019

DeeperBlue Photo Of The Year 2019

Check out our Photo Of The Year for 2019

Suunto Ambassador Spotlight: Maxwel Hohn

From warm water to cold, shallow to deep, Maxwel Hohn has been diving all over the world -- and has the pictures to prove it.

A Record To Die For?

Should we be celebrating risky endeavors such as Scuba Diving?

Diveroid, A New Affordable, Compact Dive Solution Turns Your Smartphone Into...

DIVEROID utilizes your smartphone to deliver all-in-one high-quality dive gear featuring a dive computer, underwater camera, compass, and dive logbook that automatically syncs up with pictures/video so that you can review your entire diving experience at a glance

Blue Element 2019 – the Winners and the Wrap Up

Read all about the winners of Blue Element 2019 and the inspiring stories of myriad personal achievements in freediving from Dominica in the Caribbean.

Relaxation Techniques For Freedivers

Discover different relaxation techniques to help you prepare for your freediving sessions.

Suunto Ambassador Spotlight: Jill Heinerth

With the right tools for the job, nothing's impossible for Jill Heinerth, one of the world's most experienced underwater explorers.
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