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Why Take A Freediving Class

We should you take a freediving class? Explore your options

7 Key Yoga Poses For An Effective Freediving Stretching Routine

Want to take your freediving stretching routine to the next level? These yoga poses will enhance your flexibility and strengthen key muscle groups.

Contact Lenses & Scuba Diving, Is It Safe?

Is wearing your contacts while diving safe? While in the past it was not, but times have changed

Valentines Jewels For Divers

Check out our list of top gifts for the special diver in your life on Valentines Day

Dahab: A Training Mecca For The Budget-Conscious Freediver

The Blue Hole in Dahab, Egypt, is an excellent budget-friendly destination for a freediver's next training getaway! Here is why.

Pre-Dive Checklist – Not Just for Beginners

The pre-dive checklist - it's not just for the newbie diver

Top 5 Dive Sites In Bonaire

Check out our top 5 dive sites in Bonaire

8 Incredible Shallow Water Dive Sites

Many divers are of the opinion that the deeper a dive is, the better it is. We take a look at eight show-stopping shallow dive sites.

Shark Diaries: Yes, Nurse Sharks are Real Sharks

Love them or hate them, nurse sharks are still sharks. Learn more about these fascinating creatures and how to dive safely with them.

Rescue Diver – Who Do You Do It For?

Rescue diver training can save lives, even your own

Top 10 Muck Dives

Muck Diving involves exploring sites with sandy or silty bottoms, in search of the weird and wonderful critters found there. Here are some of our top destinations.

10 Tips On How To Become a Successful Scuba Diving Instructor

Becoming a successful instructor can be challenging, here PADI Platinum Course Director Marcel presents his top 10 tips

Scuba Diving and Your New Year’s Resolutions

Have you made any Scuba Diving related New Year's Resolutions? Here are some common ones.

The World’s Best Island-Hopping Dive Destinations

We take a look at 5 of the world’s best island-hopping dive destinations
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