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Keeping Our Little Ocean Enthusiasts Entertained During Lockdown

Here are our suggestions to keep the little ocean enthusiasts entertained while on lockdown.

Things To Keep Connected To The Ocean While On Lockdown

While we are out of the water for a while, check out our recommendation on books, movies, and podcasts to keep us entertained.

Maintaining a Long-Distance Relationship With the Ocean In The Age of...

Lockdowns all over the world are keeping divers landlocked, but even when circumstances keep us out of the water there are still ways to maintain our connection to the sea.

Canadians In The Deep

The Great White North is not a place one normally associates with freediving. We talk with Sheena McNally and Matthieu Duvault about their achievements and impact from the 2019 season.

How To Configure Your Drysuit

Buying a new drysuit can be tough. So whether you’re just getting started - or are replacing your 20-year-old suit - it’s helpful to learn more about modern drysuit technology and how it aligns with your specific needs as a diver.

Review: Aqua Sphere Aquaskin 2.0

We take a look at the Aqua Sphere Swim Skin v2.0 - a complete revision on the original.

Fantastic Voyages: Myth, Legend, and the Recreation of Ancient Boats

For centuries humans have looked across the water at the horizon and wondered what lay beyond

Decompression and Freediving – What Are The Real Risks?

Learn the risks of getting decompression sickness while freediving, and how to prevent it.

Meet the Katana 2 With Nick Hollis

We sat down with Nick Hollis to learn more about the much-anticipated sidemount harness, the Katana 2, and some of its key features and design highlights.  

When Women Ruled the Seas

There have been strong women that have ruled the seas since we first took to the water. We take a look at some of the characters in history.

10 Must-Follow Freediver Instagram Accounts For 2020

Check out these 10 instagram accounts for a more freediver-friendly feed.

Freediving Photography – Tips And Tricks For Using Natural Light

We run through tips and techniques for using natural light in your freediving photography

Marina Kazankova Attempts A 4th Guinness World Record

"If you have a dream, have the courage to follow it and realize it! Everybody will help you! Live the life you want to live!'

Is Scuba Diving In A Pool Real Diving?

Are Swimming Pool Dives Real Dives?
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