Friday, January 22, 2021
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A Quiet Lake – The Battle of North Twin Lake

While the world battled the global pandemic, a small lake in the US became a political battleground for some local freedivers.

Review: Garmin Descent Mk2 Dive Computer – Freediving Perspectives

The long-awaited Garmin Descent Mk2 has been released, and we dive into its long list of features.

DeeperBlue Video Of The Year 2020

We pleased to announce the DeeperBlue Video Of The Year for 2020

DeeperBlue Photo Of The Year 2020

We've announced the winner of our Photo Of The Year for 2020

12 Inspiring Scuba Diving Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2020

Liven up your Instagram algorithm and follow our recommendations on these cool Scuba personalities

The Ultimate Darkwater Freedive Site We Found By Accident

While in Greece, they stumbled on the Ultimate Darkwater Freedive Site.

The 2020 Scuba Christmas Gift Guide

We have the scuba diver in your life covered this Christmas. Check out our Scuba gift list for this year.

The 2020 Ocean Christmas Gift Guide

With the holiday season approaching fast, DeeperBlue has some suggestions for the conservation-concerned diver on your gift list.

The 2020 Freediver Christmas Gift Guide

Not sure what to get a freediver for the holidays? We have the answer! Check out DeeperBlue's 2020 Freediver Christmas Gift Guide for amazing gift ideas!

At Fourth Element, Size Matters, And So Does Your Feedback

The women of Fourth Element get personal with the Size Matters campaign, donning their own kit and stepping in front of the lens to help customers find the best fit.

Adriatic Depth Trophy Makes Freediving History

The Adriatic Freediving Trophy, which was 2020's national championship of Croatia, made history as it was the first time AIDA and CMAS rules were applied simultaneously to a freediving performance.

10 Awe-inspiring Freediving YouTube Channels

Discover the top 10 YouTube channels dedicated to freediving information, tips, news, and inspiration.

Review: Sphera X Freediving Mask

The Aqualung Sphera X is a worthy heir to the Sphera mask lineage. This newest model offers improvements in materials, comfort and fit and well as unrivaled horizontal vision, compressibility, comfort, and low volume; making it a continuing favorite among freedivers.

10 Amazing Life Changing Things You Should Expect From Becoming A Scuba Diver

Diving goes way beyond exploring beneath the surface of the water, find out what to expect from becoming a SCUBA diver and ocean ambassador!