Ampersand Travel has released a stunning series of interactive maps covering wildlife migrations around the world.

While the maps feature various animals from around the world, some of the more interesting ones include the movement of humpback whales around the world, Emperor Penguins in Antarctica, and crabs on Christmas Island.

The maps cleverly illustrate how humpback whales spend the summer months from April to October in the waters around Antarctica and the North Atlantic, before darting to the equator to spend the winter months in warmer water.

The actions of Emperor Penguins are no less impressive, with the maps showing the movement of both males and females, as well as mixed-sex penguin movements. The maps show male Emperor Penguins spending from April to July on land close to shore while the females are away feeding before the males get the chance to feed during August and September. The months of October, February, and March are the only months of the year with large scale mixed-sex populations of penguins.

Another surprising map covers the movement of crabs on Christmas Island, who spend most of the year inland (from February to October), before migrating to the coast, and then heading back inland in January.

You can view the various migration maps here.

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