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DAN Announces Craig Cook As A New Board Member

DAN Announces Craig Cook As A New Board Member

The Divers Alert Network has announced that Craig Cook M.D. has joined its board of directors.
YouTuber DALLMYD To Receive Beneath The Sea’s Visionary Award

YouTuber DALLMYD To Receive Beneath The Sea’s Visionary Award

Jake Koehler, better known on YouTube as DALLMYD, lives and breathes to dive and explore new destinations in search of lost valuables, and because of that he will be honored with the "Visionary Award" at this year's Beneath the Sea dive show.
DEMA Reaching Out Award

Nominations For 2019 DEMA Reaching Out Awards Now Open

DEMA has announced that nominations for its 2019 Reaching Out Awards are now open.
NAUI Announces New 'Next Generation Leadership' Award

NAUI Announces New ‘Next Generation Leadership’ Award

NAUI Worldwide has announced that its awards committee had approved a new award aimed at those who haven't been in the dive industry for very long, particularly those who reach out to younger potential divers.
Bringing Swim Training To The Cloud

Learning From The Pool, Bringing Training To The Cloud

Whilst diving is moving to a more online model, it is the foundational roots of swimming and swim coaching that is arguably pushing the envelope of what can be done online
SNSI Offering Discounts To First Responders

Check Out SNSI’s Specials For First Responders, Teachers, Military And Veterans

SNSI has announced reduced fees and discounts for First Responders, Teachers, Active Military, and Veterans.
PADI Issues 25 Millionth Certification

TAUCHEN Once Again Crowns PADI As The Best Diver Training Organization

PADI has won the TAUCHEN Magazine award for the best diver training agency for the 21st year running.
The Great Barrier Reef

Divers Perceive The Great Barrier Reef Is Alive And Well

Over the last few years, a perception has grown among divers that Australia's Great Barrier Reef was dead and hardly worth visiting. However, some recent research shows the divers who visit the reef feel it is alive and well.
Go Diving Show - Banner

Get Interactive At The GO Diving Show

The brand new GO Diving Show boasts several interactive and immersive elements for visitors to get involved in
Oceanic's ProPlus 4.0 Dive Computer Now Shipping

Oceanic’s ProPlus 4.0 Dive Computer Now Shipping

Oceanic recently announced that its latest Bluetooth-compatible dive computer, the ProPlus 4.0, is now shipping.
Waterproof USA's D1X Hybrid ISS Drysuit

Waterproof USA’s D1X Hybrid ISS Drysuit Available Now

Waterproof USA recently announced that its D1X Hybrid ISS Drysuit is now available for purchase.
NAUI Launches Skills Update Workshop Series For Technical Divers

NAUI Launches Skills Update Workshop Series For Technical Divers

NAUI Worldwide recently announced it had launched a "Skills Update Workshop Series" for its Technical Diver Training programs.
NAUI Worldwide (Photo credit: Kadu Pinheiro)

NAUI Is Seeking A ‘Senior Training Representative’

NAUI Worldwide's Services Group subsidiary recently announced it is looking for a "Senior Training Representative" based in Tampa, Florida.
London Diving Chamber Closing

London Diving Chamber Closing

The London Diving Chamber in the U.K. announced earlier this week that due to National Health Service budget cuts, the facility will close this coming March 31st.
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