Scuba Diving

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WWI U-Boat Wreck found off the Belgian coast

WWI U-Boat Found Off The Coast Of Belgium

Relatively intact wreck of WWI U-boat has been located off the coast of Belgium
Problems for a Scuba Diver

The Most Common Problems for Beginner Scuba Divers and How to Overcome Them

Beginner divers often experience difficulties during training or first dives. We take a look at some common issues.
Women Divers Hall Of Fame To Induct Six New Members In 2016

WDHOF Now Accepting Scholarship, Training Grant Applications

PADI recently announced it will be sponsoring two Women Divers Hall of Fame scholarships.

Aqua Lung Conducting ‘Product Check’ Of Certain Regulators

Aqua Lung is conducting a "voluntary product check" of certain regulators with the ACD yoke systems.
Prawno fall discount offer

Prawno Offering A 20%-Off Fall Flash Sale

Prawno running a flash sale until Sunday October 1.
Blawesome Launches New Wetsuit Dryer

Blawesome Launches New, Upgraded Wetsuit Dryer

The folks at Blawesome have launched a new, improved wetsuit dryer.
Two divers have perished attempting record dives

Tragedy Strikes Multiple Scuba Record Attempts

Capping a bad week for diving, when two divers have died attempting record dives
Snorkeling man in full face mask

Buyer Beware

We look at how copycats and new technology have created products that are unsafe for untrained users and bypass safeguards the industry has used for decades.
60 Shipwrecks from across the ages discovered in the Black Sea

60 Ancient Wrecks Found In The Black Sea

Archaeologists discover nearly 60 pristine ancient shipwrecks in the Black sea.
Review- Arctic Expedition

Review: Arctic Expedition – Performance Undersuit

We take a look at the Arctic Expedition Performance Undersuit by Fourth Element
Deepblu Dive Like a Pro

Deepblu Launches Dive Pro Campaign

Pros Can Validate Logs and win a COSMIQ
Unicorn of the sea spotted off Australia

Rare ‘Unicorn Of The Sea’ Spotted Off Australia

Divers recently encountered the weird and beautiful Unicorn of the Sea Off Port Douglas, Australia.
Master Liveaboards announces New Vessel and route

Master Liveaboards Announces New Vessel And Route

Mater Liveaboards announces a new vessel the Solomon PNG Master, and a new route.
BARE Reactive wetsuit now in Titan Black

BARE Introduces The Reactive Suit In Titan Black

The BARE Reactive wetsuit is now available in Titan Black
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