Video Of The Week

Video Of The Week

With the Video of the Week our aim is to showcase one video every week that shows off the best (or just plain interesting) about Freediving, Scuba Diving or Spearfishing.


[VIDEO] Freediving Nemo33

This week's video is an edit from Daan Verhoeven from his time at Nemo33 in Belgium recently.  Elements of this video were used by Red Bull for some viral videos and now seen in...

[VIDEO] Momentum – Teaser Trailer

This week's video is from the upcoming film - Momentum - that charts and interviews 16  of the top Freedivers in the world right now.  Take a look at this teaser trailer to see...

[VIDEO] Vitamin Sea

This week's video is from Sea Dragons and is a teaser for their upcoming film where they follow Spanish TV presenter and sports blogger Laura Madrueño who went through a 2 days course with...

[VIDEO] Diving Deep On a Single Breath

This week's video is a short video from The Great Big Story and features Freediving master Aharon Solomons diving in the beautiful seas around Eilat, Israel. Got a great video to share? Feel free to...

[VIDEO] Guillaume Nery Underwater Party

This week's video is comes from World Champion Alexey Molchanov who filmed a very personal event recently in Nice, France where a global community of Freedivers came together to celebrate French Freediving Superstar Guillaume...

[VIDEO] Deep Explorer

This week's video is a short video from Freedive Portofino in Italy.  Showing Freediver Teo Forsberg exploring at depth on a single breath. Got a great video to share? Feel free to contact us.What is...

[VIDEO] Beneath the Surface – A Free Diving Film

This week's video follows Frederic Jeanneau who was once a part of the corporate machine, and has spent years looking for a different path to a more fulfilling life.  His zen-like experiences beneath the...

[VIDEO] How To Pack In Freediving

The first video of the week for 2016 and in this week's video we see former World Record holder Sara Campbell take us through the basics of "how to pack" - not your suitcase... 2015 Video Of The Year

DeeperBlue 2015 Video Of The Year

As the year is coming to a close we've been pouring over various entries to our Video Of The Week feature in an effort to find what we feel is the best video of...

[VIDEO] Celebrating Guillaume Néry

This week's video is the second Guillaume Néry video in as many weeks.  The 4x World Champion French Freediver decided to hang up his competitive Freediving fins and his friends and family gathered in...

[VIDEO] Guillaume Néry: The Exhilarating Peace Of Freediving

EDITOR NOTE: Be sure to turn on the subtitles if you don't speak French! This week's video is a TEDx event in Toulouse where world champion freediver Guillaume Néry takes us with him into the...
Racing Extinction - The Blue Whale - Courtesy Of GoProvideo

[VIDEO] GoPro: The Search for the Blue Whale – A Prelude to ‘Racing Extinction’

This week's video is a sneak speak of the upcoming film "Racing Extinction" from the same team that brought us "The Cove".  Performance Freediving International Founder Kirk Krack and Staff Instructor Shell Eisenberg join...

[VIDEO] Just Like You

This week's video is a truly epic short film featuring Freediving World Depth Championships 2015 Silver Medalist Miguel Lozano and families of Pilot Whales.  Shot in Digital 6K on a Red Epic Dragon camera...

[VIDEO] Into the Deep with Finland’s Greatest Freediver – Journey From the Source

This week's video is from "Journey From The Source" – presented by Finlandia Vodka and 1% For The Planet.  The first of this four-part documentary is about the ‘Kraken,’ also known as 49-year-old Finnish...